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Moving from Canada to the UK
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Moving from Canada to the UK

Moving from Canada to the UK Illustration. Tower Bridge in London.

“All that glitters is not gold” - William Shakespeare, a phrase that remains relevant even hundreds of years later. We know so much of the UK’s heights and wanders, and indeed most of it is true “gold”. Or else, the United Kingdom would not be at the top of the relocation destination charts today. Moving to the UK from Canada is faster than you may think, Canada is a part of “designated countries” which makes it even easier.

Sparked by the idea, you have started to pack your bags for the move. Do not rush and ask yourself one question. How many non-gold “glitters” are hidden from your blurred eyes? Maybe, after all, moving from Canada to the UK is not so necessary, or is it even better than you anticipated? At Hercules Moving Company, we have conducted research to provide all the important facts that can help you decide.

Canada vs. the UK

The first Europeans to set foot on future Canadian soil were Vikings in 1000 A.D. The British Empire’s colonization of Canada started back in the late 15th century. Thus, the history of Canada and the United Kingdom has gone hand in hand for many centuries, influencing one another in different ways.

To this day Canada and the UK share a sovereign - Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, do not be surprised that these two share a lot in common.

the United Kingdom
Geography and Climate
Ethnicity, Religion and Language
Lifestyle and mentality
Education System
Cost of Living
Immigration System

Canada covers more than forty percent of the North American continent with 9.98 million square kilometres (second largest in the world), with 91% of land area and 9% of freshwater. The country is washed by three oceans: the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa, located in the south of the province of Ontario.

Canada's climate is characterized by four distinct seasons. Conditions are varied and depend mainly on the landscape of mountain or water masses. Average temperatures in summers range from +20°C to +30°C. Winters can be very harsh, with average monthly temperatures reaching 15°C below zero in the southern part of the country, and sometimes 40°C with strong icy winds.

With an overwhelming majority of its population made up of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, Canada is an extremely multicultural country. Only 32% of the population identify themselves as Canadians. The next minor groups are Indigenous people( 4.9%), English( 18%), Scottish(13.6%), French(13.4%), Irish (9.6%), Germans(5.1%), Chinese (5.1%) and others.

The majority of the population is Christian. French-Canadians gravitate toward Catholicism and Anglo-Canadians toward Protestantism. Aboriginal people are officially considered Catholic or Protestant, but their religious beliefs are a combination of traditional pagan beliefs and Christianity borrowed from whites. Other practised religions are Islam (3.7%), Hinduism (1.7%), Sikhism (1.4%), Buddhism (1.1%) and others.There are 2 official languages spoken in Canada, English and French.

Canadians have gained a great reputation for being extremely polite. This attitude is being passed on to new immigrants the moment they cross the borders. Expect to have high competition within the big companies as an employee, but little in the market overall. There is plenty of room for new businesses in Canada.

Life in big Canadian cities can be somewhat overwhelming for unprepared minds. Canada is a land of opportunities and chances, you never know where you might end up. There are no limits to your abilities, you can change jobs, go back to school in your 40s and do that all at the same time.

A bigger percentage of the population is satisfied with their work and life balance. However, you would get only 2 - 3 weeks of vacation, which is not that much. Double Double or French vanilla from Tim Hortons could warm you during the short breaks at work.

Canadian Education is a great balance between efficiency and cost. Primary and secondary education is free for Canadian citizens and PR holders.

The county offers many educational paths to choose from. Post-secondary education for PR holders and citizens is not free, however quite affordable. Normally they pay on average $3,800 (CAD) per year for the diploma programs, $6,500 (CAD) per year for bachelor’s degrees and $9,500 (CAD) per year for Master’s degrees.

International students can expect to pay on average $14,000 (CAD)per year for a diploma, $38,000(CAD) per year for a bachelor’s and $45,000(CAD) per year for a master’s.

Your living expenses in Canada will vary depending on your city location and province. The most expensive cities to live in, as a family of 3, are Toronto ($5,520), Vancouver ($4,550), Ottawa ($4,255) and Calgary ($4,240). The biggest expenses would be housing ($2,700 - $1,800), transportation costs ($450 - $350), food costs ($1000 - $800).

The minimum wage in Canada as of May 2022 differs from province to province, $11.95 in Manitoba, $14.25 in Quebec, $15.00 in Ontario, $15.20 in British Columbia and $16.00 in Nunavut. The salary in Canada for a full-time worker ranges from $30,000 to $530,000 depending on the industry.

Generally speaking, the Canadian market is not competitive, therefore, the prices are controlled by large corporations. The earlier you can get a credit card, the better. A credit score has a huge impact on your abilities and opportunities in Canada.

Canada uses a points-based immigration system which has allowed millions of immigrants to legally obtain Canadian permanent residence and citizenship. There are multiple immigration programs to choose from.

The fastest way to immigrate to Canada is through Express Entry and possibly gain a Permanent Residence within the next 6 months. There are 3 main streams of Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trade. You can gain a student visa by providing an acceptance letter, language knowledge and financial support from the education establishment.

The moment you receive your PR, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after 1,095 days (3 full years) living inside the county out of 5 years.

Geography and Climate
Ethnicity, Religion and Language
Lifestyle and mentality
Education System
Cost of Living
Immigration System

The United Kingdom is a state located in northwestern Europe. The United Kingdom consists of four countries - England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The total area of the state is about 243,000 km2. The United Kingdom is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The minimum distance to Europe is 35 km. The capital is London, located in the south of England. The United Kingdom is called the land of fog and rain. The country's climate varies from region to region. England has a mild and humid climate due to the relative warmth of the seas that surround it. The average temperature is about + 11 °С in the south and + 9 °С in the north-east. Scotland is the coldest region of The United Kingdom. In the mountains in the north, there is snow from November to April-May. The climate of Wales and Northern Ireland is mild and humid.

[b]Interesting fact:[/b] You would need no less than 41 The United Kingdoms to match the size of Canada. But the population of The United Kingdom (68,46m) is 1.8 times bigger than Canada’s (38,01m).

The ethnic composition of the British population is rather diverse from European states. From the earliest periods of history, the British Isles have been shaped by three different ethnic communities - English(76%), Scots(5,8%), and Welsh(%3,1). The next minor groups are Indians(2.3%), Irish(1.9%), Pakistani(1,8%), Poles(0.9%) and others.

17% of the British population identify as Anglican-Christians. Another 17% identify as non-Angelic Christians like Baptists, Orthodox Christians, and non-Anglican Protestants. The next minor groups are Catholics (8%), Muslims (5%) and others.

The official language in the UK is English. English, as we know it today, is spoken by more than 86% of the population. Along with it, Welsh and Gaelic (Celtic group), as well as Irish and Scottish, are widely used in the country. Other languages spoken are Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic and the list goes on.

British people are known to be formal and impersonal, their politeness is more of tolerance rather than genuine relations. They are focused on individual achievements rather than collective, less emotional and rather “cold” than welcoming. Stereotypes tend to be somewhat true, but we should not put everyone under one umbrella. If you get to know British people closer, they will include you in their close group and be there for you.

Adapting to life in the UK can take over a few months of learning all the social and cultural norms. For example, pub culture is very true. You will be able to find a pub for every social event, as a family and group of friends. It is more of their quality time chatting, celebrating and watching entertainment.

52% of Brits admitted that their work takes away their personal life due to working hours. Many professional workers take work home consistently to meet placed expectations. However, each employee is entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holidays per year.

Education in Britain is undoubtedly one of the best there is. According to the law, all British citizens between the ages of 5 and 18 can study for free, as well as foreigners whose parents have the right of permanent residence in the country.

The British higher education system is considered one of the best in the world - this is demonstrated by the world rankings of higher education institutions. Programs in British universities tend to be shorter and more specialized, thus more affordable overall.

For domestic students in public-funded universities, the cost of tuition is a maximum of £9,250 per year for undergraduate programs and government funding is widely available. International students, depending on the program, could pay anywhere from £10,000 up to £58,600 (medical program).

London is the most expensive city to live in. A family of 3 can expect to spend a minimum of £2,100 - £2,800 per month without rent. As a single person, you can pay a minimum of £960 per month without rent. Rent in London is extremely expensive. Depending on the location, you can pay up to £1,800 (1 bed) and £3,300 (3 beds) in the city center; £1,300 (1 bed) and £2,200 (3 beds) outside the center.

The minimum wage in the UK will depend on your age. As of May 2022, teenagers from 16 - 17 years old get paid £4.81 per hour, 18 - 20 years old £6.83 per hour, 21-22 years old £9.18 per hour, and the national living wage is £9.50. The average salary for a full-time worker in the UK is about £31,300 according to the Statista.

Similarly to Canada and Australia, The United Kingdom has a point-based immigration system. To enter the county you must obtain a visa. There are numerous visa types to choose from depending on your situation. To gain a student visa, you must provide a letter of acceptance, show language proficiency and prove financial security.

If you are planning to live and work in the UK, you must get one type of work visa. Although it is called a “points-based system”, there are 4 requirements that are not negotiable: job offer(20p), required skills(20p), English proficiency(10p), and a salary higher than £20,480. Which in total gives you 50 out of 70 points. Where to get another 20?

If the negotiated salary is +£25,600 (20p), £23,039 - £25,599 (10p),£ 20,480 - £23,038 (0p). If you carry a STEM Ph.D. (20Pp) or Any Ph.D. (10p). If the profession you are applying for is in a Labour Shortage you automatically gain 20p.

Immigration to the UK as a Canadian Citizen

When immigrating to the Uk as a Canadian citizen consider these details:

  1. The best way to immigrate to the UK from Canada is through a youth mobility scheme visa.
  2. Consider applying for an Ancestry visa if your grandparents were born in the UK or Ireland (before 1922).
  3. Hire a professional moving company that specializes in long-distance moving.
  4. To work in the UK you need to apply for a Tier 5 visa.
  5. Browse the Government of Canada’s website to learn more about the work and travel program.
  6. Visit Moving to the UK to learn about custom regulations in the UK.
  7. Read All You Need to Know Before Moving to the UK to learn about custom regulations in the UK.

Moving from the UK to Canada

Moving from the United Kingdom to Canada would be relatively easy, considering that the UK mass produces intelligent people. If you are skilled and looking for experience in a different county, Canada is a great choice. A youth mobility program or skilled worker program would fit you best.

As a British citizen, you can visit Canada for 6 months without a visa and see which city would fit your best. Whether it is busy downtown Toronto, flourishing and rainy Vancouver or similar to European soul Quebec city, everyone will find something to fulfill their soul. Hercules’ professional movers will be glad to assist you and deliver your possessions to this mesmerizing land.

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Hercules Moving Company?

Besides the standard coverage we do provide the Replacement Value Protection plan for our clients. The charge is dependant on the value of the items to be moved. Hercules Moving Company is 100% Bonded & Insured.
Moving Insurance & Replacement Value Protection - Hercules Moving Company
Assembly Disassembly
We know how hefty and hard could be the moving day, and dismantling and assembling the furniture not the pleasant things to do when you are tired. We have you covered, and can put all furniture together quick & with no damage.
Assembly Disassembly - Hercules Moving Company
Dedicated Coordinator
When you become our client, you become part of our family! Every client assigned a moving concierge, anything you need from charges explanation to organizing the supplies delivery or debris removal, just inquire your moving coordinator.
Dedicated Coordinator - Hercules Moving Company
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Every single move includes the protection via Heavy Duty Moving Blankets & Stretch Wrap. However, we also carry great variety of materials, virtually for any piece of furniture. We also offer custom crating/packaging solution.
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Based on our customers needs we have created 3 Packing Packages you can choose from, it is also fine if you pack yourself.
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  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Art / Statues
  • Antique Furniture
  • High Value Items
from $500
Full Packing
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  • Packing of Everything Else
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How We Work

We could have wrote 100 beautiful words here - but instead take a look on how we move below
Fine Art Moving
Crating & Taxidermy
Fragile Packing
Furniture Handling
Furniture Protection

Hercules goes the extra mile to ensure that all of your most valuable art is protected. Expert wrapping and packaging methods start the highest quality moving & packing materials. Our mover training program ensures that every team has an expert who can safely pack any item so it arrives in the same condition it left.

Hercules can build custom measured crates and containers to meet your specific long distance shipping needs. If you are moving, and have a taxidermy collection, the experts at HMC can help. Our crateless system is effective for securing any type or size of trophy.

To avoid damage to fragile items during a long-distance move to your new residence, office or storage unit Hercules will use all the right materials and implement the proper packing techniques for maximum protection.

With the right training and proper equipment, your furniture will be handled safely in any situation.

Not all furniture is the same size. Hercules uses various materials to prepare furniture for moving: moving blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap, or alligator wrap. HMC movers and packers will pack your furniture the right way.

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What Clients say About Us

Our piano was recently moved for the first time after having been in our house for 30 years. I was very impressed with the movers' professionalism, their friendliness and for being patient in their handling of the piano and its delivery to Mississauga. They took their time to use extra padding on this big instrument and also used extra floor covering so as not to scratch the hardwood flooring.I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

The crew that came to move us were amazing! From their first step in the door they had to I mats down. =M Every thing was wrapped with care for all the corners and the feet. Their care of my baby grand was excellent. Both my husband and I would highly recommend them!

A++++++++. Hercules Moving is the only company I would ever hire for small moves if I had to move again. The crew was amazingly fast, professional, and very careful with our stuff. They wrapped all the furniture with pads and plastic wrap making it very difficult to scratch. Not only to mention the excellent customer service they provided all along. Hercules is simply the best!

Andrea Phillips

I have used the hardworking gentlemen of Hercules Moving twice now for work related moving circumstances. Very professional and quickly executed moves. They are my go to movers from now on.

Anastasiya Mamayeva

These guys are amazing. They are fast and reliable. They are reasonably priced compared to other big companies. They moved 3br appt on a very short notice with no extra charge. All my furniture arrived in the same condition as before the move. I would definitely recommend them!

You guys were totally amzing, I had hired two other piano movers prior and both companies had difficulties moving the piano. But your crew had no difficulties. They were very carful, fast clean and so nice to talk too. I did post pictures on Face Book and people wanted your number from me. I will highly recommend you GREAT JOB.Thank You

The Hercules moving team conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Upon their arrival they were quick to introduce themselves. My piano was carefully wrapped before moving it. Once at its destination the moving team decided on the best way to move my piano into its new home. They laid mats along their route to protect my flooring. They had to move some furniture out of their way. Throughout the entire process of moving the piano they were very careful with the piano and my home. They recommended putting some coasters (which they had on hand) under the wheels of the piano to protect my flooring before taking it off of their mats. After unwrapping and disposing of all of the wrap they made sure I was happy with the placement of the piano before considering their job complete. Even took the time to move back all of the items they moved out of their way, no matter how small. Overall I was very happy with my experience with Hercules Moving Company. I highly recommend them.

If you still in doubt of what piano movers in Toronto to choose - hope you read my review :) Hercules Movers did an excellent job of relocating a grand piano from a music school to my house and additionally advised me a professional piano tuner. Extra care service, friendly and skilled movers, which were extremely accurate and protected the piano as well as floors, walls and stairs.

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