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Moving to Ireland

With a whimsical lunar landscape, a mighty Atlantic ocean, labyrinthine caves, and crystal clear water, Emerald Isle's diverse landscape is sure to cause you to hold your breath with excitement.

Thanks to an economic boom in the 1990s called the "Celtic Tiger", modern 21st-century Ireland is a vibrant, culturally rich and ethnically diverse country with an entirely young and optimistic outlook - more than half the population of modern Ireland is under the age of 30!

All of this makes the country an excellent choice for a destination that Hercules Moving Company can help you relocate to. Planning to move to Ireland and want to know how much it will cost you to move home to Ireland, Fill Up Free Estimate Now! Choosing a trustworthy international moving company will determine your moving experience.

The Republic of Ireland is located on the island of Ireland, in northwestern Europe. The country has a land border only with Northern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain. The island of Ireland is washed on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean. The Celtic Sea in the south, the St. George's Channel in the southeast and the Irish Sea in the east. The total area of this country is 70,273 square kilometres.

The pub is at the heart of Ireland's cultural, social and musical life. Not only is it a place where you can get a pint of Guinness, but in Irish pubs, you can ponder philosophical themes about the meaning of life, reflect on global politics, and listen to poetry readings.

How to Immigrate to Ireland

Foreigners who decide to move to Ireland for a long-term, or perhaps permanently, need to have certain reasons for doing so. The reasons for moving to Ireland may vary - study or work, marriage or family reunion, business or investment.

Family Reunion
Business Owners


A diploma of higher education in Ireland allows the graduate to apply for work in other European countries as well. Residence permits are issued to students who have come to Ireland to study for the duration of their studies.

The basis for obtaining the status is a certificate of enrolment in higher education. After graduation, a foreigner can get a job and apply for a work permit. As in the case of refugees, the period of residence on a residence permit during studies is not counted for further migration.


Highly qualified foreign specialists apply for jobs with good wages and conditions. After two years of living in the country, they apply for a Green Card, which allows them to qualify for permanent residency and take their entire family with them.

The employment permit is concluded when the foreigner is still in his home country. This document, as well as an invitation from the employer, serves as the right to enter the country. Among the popular professions are IT specialists, medical workers, and architects. A work visa is issued for one year with the right of extension.

Family Reunion

Foreigners who have relatives in Ireland can obtain a residence permit. In order to move on the basis of family reunification, proof of kinship and an invitation from the hosting party are required. In addition, Irish relatives will have to provide a document of financial resources that can cover the residence of a foreign relative in their country. After arrival, foreigners will be able to obtain citizenship after three years.

You can begin the residency procedure in Ireland as soon as you marry its citizen. After three years, the foreign spouse can apply for an Irish passport. But as in any other country, the authorities ensure that immigration through marriage is not fictional.

Business Owners

Registering your own business or buying an existing business in Ireland allows the entrepreneur to obtain a residence permit for three years at once, with the right to extend it for two years.

If the business will be profitable, and the migrant will comply with all laws, pay taxes, etc., he will be able to apply for permanent residency. The whole process of business immigration will take eight years.


Foreign investors can apply for a residence permit right away. The Irish government ensures that investments from other countries benefit the country. In order to obtain a residence permit as an investor, two conditions must be met:

  1. Invest 1,000,000 euros in shares of state-owned or private companies.
  2. Maintain participation in the investment program for three years.

The investor can extend the residence permit status after its completion. The purchase of real estate is not considered an investment, nor does it automatically qualify for a residence permit.


Ireland has certain quotas for emigrants who apply for 'refugee' status. The Department of Justice reviews the granting of such status. Emigrants who have been victims of political persecution, racial discrimination, lived in the territory of military conflict, etc., write an application and undergo an interview.

First Steps upon arrival in Ireland

  1. Get the GNIB card

    Right after arrival in Ireland, book an appointment with the Garda National Immigration Bureau for a residence permit. It will cost €300. Everyone but citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland must be registered in person at one of the facilities.

  2. Apply for Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

    PPSN is a number that will be used for tax purposes and gives you access to social welfare benefits and public services. Create a MyGovID account if you don’t have one and book the appointment online at MyWelfare.

  3. Open a Bank Account.

    To open an account in an Irish bank for a visitor is as difficult as, for example, in France or the United States: to do this you must first provide an address of permanent residence, but to rent, you are required to provide your bank account information.

    The bank charges € 0.01 for each contactless payment transaction, as well as € 0.1 for transfers and automatic payments - for example, rent, gas, electricity and telephone charges. It costs €0.25 to withdraw or deposit cash, and every quarter you have to pay €5 for account maintenance.

  4. Buy a Sim Card.

    There are three major mobile operators in Ireland: Three, Eir, and Vodafone. A package of 100 minutes, 20 GB of mobile Internet and 100 international SMS costs €25 per month. Home Internet costs about €60 per month, the speed is up to 250 Mbit/s. There are many providers here, but the prices for their services are about the same. Several years ago roaming was abolished all over Europe, so now with an Irish number, you can safely travel around the EU and do not worry that suddenly you will be out of touch or remain in debt to your mobile operator.

Healthcare in Ireland

The Irish healthcare system consists of both public and private hospitals. Hospitals include three types of facilities: charity hospitals, Health Service Executive (HSE) hospitals, and private hospitals. There are different types of hospitals in Ireland, and the level of treatment depends on the type of insurance that all citizens are required to have. But insurance options are different.

Residents who are permanent residents are entitled to free public healthcare system services, which are paid for by the state budget. There are three categories of people who receive institutional health care. If patients have Medical Cards, they get full access to all kinds of medical services. If not, some types of services cannot be provided in state clinics, then you will have to go to private specialists.

Most ex-pats that live in Ireland can be eligible to receive free or subsidized public healthcare treatments. The average cost for private health insurance in Ireland is about €1,470 per year. The insurance price will depend on your age and health history.

Earning and Spending in Ireland

Income in Ireland
Taxation System
Cost of Living

According to Statista, in 2020 the average annual income in Ireland was €49,296($ 66,261 CAD). The pharmacist would earn about €62,970 ($84,657 CAD) per year, the secondary school teacher about €56,736($76,276 CAD) per year, the software engineer €51,915 ($69,795 CAD) per year, the truck driver €32,547 ($43,756 CAD) per year and the dental hygienist about €32,492 ($43682 CAD)per year.

Ireland has a progressive taxation system and the tax year in Ireland is from 1st January to 31 December. Everyone earning income in Ireland is obliged to pay taxes. If you are an employee, you will be paying taxes through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.

The taxes will automatically be deducted when receiving the monthly salary from the employer. The employer deducts Income Tax, Pay Related Social Insurance and Universal Social Charge.

Ireland has a very comfortable environment for companies. The so-called corporate tax - that is, the tax on business income - is only 12.5%. On average, this is half as much as in other EU countries.

Life in Ireland is expensive. Monthly expenses will depend on your lifestyle. In Dublin, a single person should expect to spend about €926 ( $1244 CAD) and a family of 4 about €3,264 ($4,388 CAD) per month without rent. A monthly public transportation pass costs €120($160 CAD), a utility bill €190 - €250 ($255 - $336 CAD) and groceries about €200 - €400 ( $268 - 537 CAD).

Renting vs. Housing in Ireland

In terms of housing costs, Ireland is in first place in the EU, its figures exceed the European average by 58.3%. In general, the situation with real estate in Ireland is now tense: demand is high and supply lags far behind, so prices are high and continue to rise.


In Ireland, you will need to sign a contract when you rent your home. The minimum term is one year. Six-month agreements are not as common. The document specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties, the cost of rent, and describes the furnishings (furniture, appliances, etc.).

At the time of moving in Ireland you will have to pay a month in advance, plus the same amount for a deposit. About 85% of all real estate in Ireland can be found online. Rent is paid monthly and utilities are likely to be not included in it.

The average rent in the biggest cities like Dublin, Belfast and Cork for a 1 bedroom apartment ranges from €1,115 - €1,487 ($1,500 CAD to $2,000 CAD), for a 3 bedroom apartment the price rises to €1,858 - €2,465 ($2,500 - $3,450 CAD).


The price per square meter of housing in Dublin starts at 1 thousand euros ($1343 CAD) and the sky's the limit. The prices start from €150,000 - €200,000($201,570 - $268,755 CAD) for small houses around the city, and modern houses in the city and near the coastline for around €400,000 - €500,000($537,510 - $672,000 CAD). Houses with history or small Gothic castles can cost up to €1,5 - €2 million ($2,015,664 - $2,687,552 CAD)

The purchase of real estate in Ireland does not give any benefits for citizenship. In order to buy square meters in the Celtic country, a foreigner will have to be patient. Once the object is selected, you must sign a preliminary agreement and pay a deposit of about 5-6 thousand euros ($6,718 - $8,062 CAD).Even if the deal is subsequently thwarted through the fault of the buyer, the deposit will be returned in full.

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Donald Quan
I used Hercules for a non-piano move for the first time from their Storage Toronto. I expected only the best service from them as I’ve experienced how they treat Concert pianos and they delivered 100%. The time and cost they quoted was exactly what it took. They really know how to quote their services. No surprises....so rare in a moving company. They came over-prepared with blankets, stair coverings, wrappings, mega tape. They were not about to let anything happen to my valuable stuff. Best movers I’ve ever used.....they almost take moving to an art form.
Excellent service! All individuals I dealt with went above and beyond, including rearranging their schedule to accommodate the move. The team moving were so quick, clean and extremely careful to ensure no damage occurred to anything. Would recommend Hercules Moving in a heartbeat.
The movers showed up on time and ready to work, they were very efficient and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Kannan Sau.
All four movers were excellent, courteous and very professional. These Surrey movers took good care of our furniture, Piano and other things during the move. we were very pleased and will always use them & recommend them for any moving projects.
I work at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga. We select low income families for Home Ownership . We recently contacted Hercules Moving Company to assist us in moving our newest family into their new home. Hercules moved the family at a time which was convenient to them. The family called me almost immediately to rave about what amazing service they received, as well as the kind, professional staff which were sent. I will definitely be calling upon their services in the future!Thanks again for your awesome work!
All four movers were excellent, courteous and very professional. They took good care of our furniture, Piano and other things during the move. we were very pleased and will always use them & recommend them for any moving projects.
Nancy Powell
Hercules assisted me in moving antique furniture from Storage Toronto to a new home. Igor who arranged the move for me was prompt in returning calls and updating me on timing for pickup and delivery. The drivers both in picking up and delivering were punctual despite bad weather conditions. The employees were very courteous and helpful. All furniture was carefully wrapped and reassembled on delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend Hercules to anyone for a complete move or for speciality moving.
Had a piano moved from one household to another. They took great care and did an amazing job with packing it up and delivery. I would recommend this company to anyone looking.
They were prompt, efficient, and professional. They were skilled at moving the piano (6"1 grand). They set it up carefully such that minimum force is needed to move it. They made the move look effortless!
My daughter moved to Ottawa and I sent her one bedroom stuff to Ottawa. It was so easy working with them. I was communicating with Mr. Lukas until the end. There were no changes on the estimate that they gave. Everything went as he promised. The movers were on time to pickup and they dropped off as promised. Two guys came and did a wonderful job. No much talk but very friendly and have good manners. They covered all the necessary items with blankets and moved very carefully. My daughter was very impressed about their work. Excellent job for a reasonable price. Thanks Lukas and other guys who did the moving.
I am very satisfied with their work.They were punctual. They work fast, very careful, and very professional.
I recently had a packing and moving with Hercules! Excellent customer service, polite and everything on time! Michael and his team did a wonderful job and I am very glad I planned my move with this company! Highly recommend!
Candice Singlair
These Guelph movers were the nicest movers and so efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone. Even my interior designer complimented them. Thanks Hercules.
It was a last minute request and I was accommodated with prompt response, Excellent service.
The team came in and did a great job moving our grand piano from the second floor to the main level. It took a while for the team to assess how to do it but when they brought in the cavalry to help out it was quite impressive to see them get the job done. I would definitely recommend this happy bunch!
Matt Singer
I used Hercules Moving to move a piano from my basement to a purchaser. They were very professional, packaged the piano carefully, put down mats on flooring and removed it very efficiently. I'd recommend these guys for any moving needs for sure!!
Private User
They did an excellent job moving the piano as they took extreme care not to damage the piano or anything else in the house. I will most likely use them during my next big move as up to now I've been doing most of the moving myself. Thank you.
A++++++++. Hercules Moving is the only company I would ever hire if I had to move again. The crew was amazingly fast, professional, and very careful with our stuff. They wrapped all the fueniture with pads and plastic wrap making it very difficult to scratch. Not only to mention the excellent customer service they provided all along. Hercules is simply the best!
We were so impressed with the way these gentlemen delivered our piano that we have been talking about it for days now. They were very professional and efficient and knew exactly what they were doing, from the moment they took the piano off the moving truck right up until they put the piano together. Not only were they amazing at what they do, they were polite and courteous and very accommodating when it came to figuring out the exact placement of our newest addition to our home. We will absolutely hire them to help us move when/if we decide to as we know we can trust them to handle our possessions with the utmost respect.
The movers showed up on time and ready to work, they were very efficient and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.
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