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September 21, 2022

All You Need to Know Before Moving to Australia

If someone offers to “slip an extra shrimp on the barbie” for you, do not rush to call the police. It is just friendly Australians inviting you for a fun social gathering on a warm, crisp and clear Australian December. Sounds a bit confusing, but you will get used to living upside down If you know what I mean.

Moving to Australia certainly requires thorough preparation. It is not only a new continent but a completely different ecosystem nature and culture-wise. When packing for a move to Australia, do your own research to determine whether it is YOUR dream destination.

Hercules Moving Company will not only gladly assist with your relocation and shipments, but we are also happy to share with you this guide with facts and helpful links to know what to expect when moving to Australia.

Icebreaker: Man isn’t the main habitant - Kangaroo Is

Australia, an isolated continent translated as “South Earth” from Latin, is known for its unique climate and nature. The world’s smallest continent occupies only 5% of the Earth’s landmass. The area of the continent with its islands is 7,692,024 km² and is divided into 6 states, 2 territories, and 3-time zones.

The population of Australia is 25.69 million with only 3 people per Km2. The official language is English, however, there are over 40 indigenous and immigrant languages spoken daily. Europeans make up about 82% of the population ( English, Irish, Scottish, Italians, Germans etc.), 12% are Asian ( Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Philippino), 3% are Indigenous people and 3% of other minority groups.

More than half of the population are Christians, 2,6% are Muslims, 2,4% are Buddhists, 1.9% are Hindus, and 30% identify as irreligious. Australia is a federal Commonwealth nation headed, formally, by Queen Elizabeth II. The official currency is the Australian Dollar, visit XE for live currency exchange rates.

Interesting fact: There are seasons in Australia when you can be attached by magpies. It does sound funny in the beginning, until one does attack you. Save this Magpie Alert just in case. Otherwise, Australia is one of the safest countries in the world due to its stable political system and low crime rate.

How to Immigrate to Australia

Unless you are a New Zealand citizen, the only legal way to cross a border in Australia is to have a visa. Any immigration process starts with determining the suitable visa to apply for, depending on your circumstances.

The most frequent immigration option is through a professional visa. It is also possible to immigrate to Australia for business, as a family, for student study programs and refugee status.

Family Reunion
Business Owners
Refugee & Asylum seekers


To go to Australia on a student visa, you need to enroll at an institution and then, when you apply for a visa, provide an acceptance letter and proof of enrolment. You will need proof of English, health insurance, as well as the availability of sufficient financial resources for the duration of your studies. If you want to stay, you will have to apply for permanent residency or a work visa as a Temporary Graduate visa. Explore Study visa options here.


There are numerous work visas that are available for skilled workers moving to Australia. For those who are highly qualified in a field that is in a labour shortage, you might not need to obtain all the 100 points when applying for a visa.

Here is a list of Priority Migration Skilled Occupations to choose from. It is best to have a valid job offer and a high language proficiency when applying. We recommend finding a job before the big move. Those who lived in Australia as expats say that it could take weeks or months before you get one.

Explore Work visa options here.

Family Reunion

Family visa types are for those marrying or sustaining a long-term relationship with an Australian citizen planning to move to Australia. You will be given this visa for 2 years, during which your relationship will be tested. After that, you will be able to apply for Australian citizenship.

Explore family reunion visa options here.

Business Owners

This category of visa is great for entrepreneurs who are willing to open and sustain a business in Australia. Based on your circumstances you can apply for various business visas with different requirements. You must prove that your skills and experience in owning a business are sufficient, providing a valid business plan for the project.

Refugee & Asylum seekers

A refugee visa has been created for those, seeking protection and asylum in Australia. Those, who for objective reasons cannot remain in their home country, for example, due to war or who are being threatened by the government regime.

The visa subtype will solely depend on the personal circumstances of an individual. For instance, you can apply seeking asylum already being inside the county, outside or have entered the county illegally.

First Steps upon arrival in Australia

Once you have landed, there are quite a few things better to be done during your thirst week. Write down these steps to ensure you do not forget anything.

  1. Get Tax Identification Number.

    You will be able to apply for the TIN only being present in Australia. You must apply for it through Individual Auto Registration. There are 3 main requirements:

    • You are a holder of a foreign passport, a permanent migrant or a temporary visitor
    • Your visa type: a permanent resident visa, a visa allowing you to work, an overseas student, a visa or a visa that allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely.
    • You are present in Australia
  2. Open a Bank Account.

    To open a bank account in Australia you need to provide documents that will total 100 points. You can learn about the points-based system on the Queensland Government website.

    Simply speaking, each of your documents is equal to a certain value of points, an Australian visa, for example, is 40 points, driver’s license equals 60 points. You can apply to open a bank account outside of Australia, providing that you will be coming in the next 12 months.

  3. Buy a Sim Card.

    Getting an Australian sim card will not cause you too many troubles. You can buy a sim card in any post office, supermarket, gas station and electronic store. There is also an option to purchase it online, but you need to have an Australian address and can take up to a week to be delivered.

  4. Driving License & Auto Insurance.

    This country is so big that you would definitely need a car to move around. Luckily, you can use your international driving license in Australia for up to 3 months (6 in Victoria) and then apply for a temporary or permanent driving license. If it is not in English, it must be translated by the authorized translator. However, there are different regulations depending on a state or territory.

    Note: In Australia, people drive on the left side of the road. Australians have a reputation as bad drivers. Not because of kangaroos jumping on the road from nowhere, but it is just the way they drive.

Healthcare in Australia

Australia has a mixed healthcare system with public and private healthcare facilities. A variety of mechanisms are used to finance and regulate their activities. Despite the best free public health care, some Australians choose to have private insurance. Let’s find out why.

Moving to Ausrtalia - Private Health Care

Medicare or public healthcare system is available to Australian and New Zealand citizens, permanent residents of Australia and temporary residents of foreign countries with which there is a reciprocal health care agreement. Eligible expats can apply for Medicare by filling up this form and submitting it to the closes Medicare office.

Medical care is mostly free, and services are generally unlimited. Treatment in public hospitals is free, as is treatment by general practitioners, and life-saving drugs from the benefits list is sold at a discount. Retirees are eligible for significant discounts or free treatment. Public health care does not cover vision, dental and retirement facilities services.

The biggest cons of public healthcare in Australia are long waiting periods, ambulance services are not covered and a lack of insurance policies.

Moving to Australia - Private Health Care

There are several different private health insurance programs in Australia.Private insurance schemes usually cover inpatient/outpatient treatment, additional medical expenses as well as the cost of emergency medical services. The private insurance plan enables one to choose a medical institution and a doctor to visit independently.

Additional medical expenses include a dentist, ophthalmologist, cost of hearing aids, glasses and other medical equipment. The cost of the insurance will depend on the level of coverage, territory of residence and personal characteristics.

Earning and Spending in Australia

Income in Australia
Taxation System
Cost of Living

As of today, the minimum wage in Australia is $20.33 AUD per hour or $772.60 AUD per week (38h), which is considered to be the highest amount in the world after taxes. The average salary in Australia is about $90,000 AUD.

Here is the list of professions and their earnings: Surgeons are the highest paid, at almost $400,000 AUD, financial dealers at about $385,000 AUD, Chief executive officers at $165,000 AUD, Teachers about $89,800 AUD.

There are several different private health insurance programs in Australia.Private insurance schemes usually cover inpatient/outpatient treatment, additional medical expenses as well as the cost of emergency medical services. The private insurance plan enables one to choose a medical institution and a doctor to visit independently.

Additional medical expenses include a dentist, ophthalmologist, cost of hearing aids, glasses and other medical equipment. The cost of the insurance will depend on the level of coverage, territory of residence and personal characteristics.

  • $18,201 AUD - $45,000 AUD pay 19% of excess over $18,200 AUD
  • $45,001 AUD - $120,000 AUD pay $5,092 AUD + 32.5% of over $45,001 AUD
  • $120,001 AUD - $180,000 AUD pay $29,467 AUD + 37% of over $120,000 AUD
  • $180,001 AUD + pay $51,667 AUD + 45% of excess over $180,000 AUD

If you decide to leave Australia, you can take your retirement fund contributions with you. Use this tax calculator to know to understand the system better.

The average household in Australia spends about $7,500 - $8,000 (AUD) per month. An individual living alone can expect to spend around $1100 AUD - $1400 AUD (without rent). The main expenses are rent, transportation, groceries, insurance and entertainment.

Renting vs. Housing in Australia

The variety of housing and renting options in Australia is overwhelming and rather expensive. Studios, apartments, duplexes, semi-detached houses, farmhouses… how to choose the right one?

Whether you are planning to rent or buy a home you need to know the regulations and laws. Hiring an international moving company will assure safe relocation to Australia. If you are wondering how much it will cost you to move house to Australia, Get a Free Estimate Now.


Renting in Australia. The average rent in Australia will depend on the city you reside in. Expect to pay weekly the following amounts: Sydney $600-$410 AUD, Melbourne $440 - $360 AUD, Canberra $650 - $490 AUD, and Perth $460 - $380 AUD.

To rent long-term in Australia, you must prepare tons of documents and look trustworthy. You must provide proof of identity, proof of income (last 3 months), references ( best if Australian), prior rental agreements, and down payment.

Once you have gathered everything, start browsing the neighbourhoods. After finding a decent choice, arrange a viewing and bring all the documents with you to secure the deal on the spot if it is good. The renting market is pretty competitive. Double-check the contract before signing and talk through with the agent or the landlord about all the necessities.


Housing in Australia. No wonder why so many tend to purchase a house in Australia, the prices of real estate have been only rising, making it a great investment.

Here are the some prices on properties:

  1. Sydney $925,000 AUD house
  2. Melbourne $720,000 AUD house
  3. Perth $484,000 AUD house

The farther from the coast, the cheaper the price.

If you are a citizen or hold a permanent readership buying a property in Australia would not be a problem. However, as a foreign, you must follow a precise procedure to become an owner. The purchasing property must be categorized as an investment, you can not buy any housing on a secondary market directly or indirectly. As a buyer, you must obtain government approval.

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Kavaleo Bram
We had never used movers before and did a lot of research before deciding on Hercules Moving Company. The Calgary movers showed up early and were ready to go on time. They worked quickly and diligently and moved our entire house in 6 hours. I was very grateful for not having to do the heavy lifting ourselves and that everything was moved without damage and in good time. I would definitely use them again!
The Hercules moving team conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Upon their arrival they were quick to introduce themselves. My piano was carefully wrapped before moving it. Once at its destination the moving team decided on the best way to move my piano into its new home. They laid mats along their route to protect my flooring. They had to move some furniture out of their way. Throughout the entire process of moving the piano they were very careful with the piano and my home. They recommended putting some coasters (which they had on hand) under the wheels of the piano to protect my flooring before taking it off of their mats. After unwrapping and disposing of all of the wrap they made sure I was happy with the placement of the piano before considering their job complete. Even took the time to move back all of the items they moved out of their way, no matter how small. Overall I was very happy with my experience with Hercules Moving Company. I highly recommend them.
Hercules rescued my move when another Toronto movers cancelled on me days before the big day. They were professional and knew exactly how to protect all of my belongings during the move in terrible rain.
Really patient and dedicated guys! They treated all of our furniture and belongings with the utmost care while still being incredibly efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
I was very satisfied with these Calgary movers. They made it easy and stress free for us. Movers arrived on time and packed and professionally covered our furniture to go into storage, since we are in between houses. I was amazed by how these Calgary movers were able to efficiently pack and store a 5 bedroom, 2 living room, office and a gym into a storage unit where they organized everything to fit perfectly. I was 100% satisfied with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for good quality movers. Thanks Hercules Moving company for helping us move!
I had to move my entire food operation in a day. With Edmonton movers quoted me quickly and showed up on site 2 days later ready to move. I was worried about all my expensive and sensitive machinery but they pulled it off safely and without issue. Very reasonably priced and highly recommended. Great company.
This company has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. From the moment I received my initial quote provided by Igor, the company ensured that my needs were fully accommodated. Having previously dealt with other moving companies in the past (I've had to move a few times due to the nature of my job), I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of care Hercules takes in handling my furniture. The movers were very friendly, professional, and did not waste any time (in my previous experience, movers would take their time, which resulted in a large bill for me). The moment the staff arrived at my door, they immediately began working. In summary, this is my go to mover in GTA from now on. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a professional service, hassle free.
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