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Mar 1, 2023·0 min read

Everything You Must Know Before Moving From Halifax to Kelowna in 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move from Halifax to Kelowna in 2023? Halifax, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, is a vibrant city with a population of over 403,000 people and an area of 5,490 km2. It has a breathtaking waterfront and an exciting culture that makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in Canada. You can feel the energy everywhere you go - from the buzz of downtown streets to the peacefulness of its beaches.

Kelowna on the other hand is situated on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia’s interior region with a population around 132,000 people and a total area over 441 km2. The city is surrounded by vineyards and orchards making it one of Canada's premier wine regions. With its stunning mountain views and mild climate Kelowna offers plenty activities for nature lovers such as skiing, hiking, biking or simply just enjoying some fresh air while strolling along its lake front paths.

Relocating to Kelowna from Halifax

Moving to a new city can be a very exciting process, but it often involves many important decisions. When relocating from Halifax to Kelowna in 2023, there are numerous factors to consider, such as cost of living, benefits of moving, where to live, pros and cons and best moving solutions. We have gathered the most essential information necessary for the successful transition - let's discover everything about this incredible journey!

Cost of Living

Kelowna, the vibrant city in British Columbia, is a vast area that covers hundreds of square kilometers. Moving to such a large city can be daunting; however, the cost of living greatly varies depending on your lifestyle. To make the decision easier for you, we have outlined the differences in costs associated with moving from Halifax to Kelowna below.

Category Kelowna Halifax
Real Estate (Production Home) $350 / sq ft. $227/sq ft.
Real Estate (Custom-Built Single- Family) $417/sq ft. $230 / sq ft.
Housing (1 Bedroom) $1,400 / Month $1040 / Month
Housing Utilities and Insurance $200 - $250 / Month $225 / Month
Transportation $45 / Month for a bus pass. $78 / Month (for a monthly adult pass)
Car Insurance $1,680 / Year $817 / Year
Entertainment $150 / Month. $180 / Month
Grocery Cost for 1 Person $250 / Month $250 / Month
Communication (Phone and Internet) $135 / Month $130 / Month
Health and Fitness $50-$100 / Month $40-$60/month
Sales Taxes 12% / year. 15%

Moving to Kelowna from Halifax can be surprisingly cost-effective. Real estate and housing costs are lower than in Halifax. For example, production homes in Kelowna cost $350 per sq ft compared to $227 per sq ft in Halifax, and 1 bedroom housing costs $1400 per month compared to $1040 in Halifax. Transportation also costs significantly less in Kelowna, with a monthly bus pass costing just $45 compared to the monthly adult pass in Halifax which costs $78. Car insurance is nearly half the price it is in Halifax too, costing an average of $1680 per year compared to $817. Entertainment, grocery and communication services are slightly more expensive than in Halifax but health and fitness services are cheaper. Sales taxes differ too at 12% annually compared to 15%.

Benefits of Moving to Kelowna

Kelowna provides spectacular scenic beauty and a plethora of outdoor recreation activities. Its wine industry is renowned throughout Canada, and its food industry is growing rapidly. Moreover, it offers educational opportunities that are not available in Halifax for those looking to pursue higher studies.

Meanwhile, Kelowna's economic growth means more job opportunities than ever before for those willing to move there. Not only does Kelowna offer access to a more diverse job market, but living costs are also significantly lower than in Halifax making the move even more attractive for anyone looking for a new place to call home.

Best areas to live in Kelowna

Choosing the perfect neighbourhood to live in Kelowna can be quite a challenge. After all, there are so many different factors to consider when making such a life-changing decision. As you explore the best areas to live in Kelowna, we present a list of five neighbourhoods with an overview of each one's features and amenities.

Upper Mission

The Upper Mission is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood in the southern area of Kelowna. It is surrounded by tall palm trees, green parks, and beautiful lakeside views. An array of shopping opportunities, nature trails and delicious restaurants are just a short drive away. With its striking mountain backdrop and unbeatable quality of life, living in Upper Mission gives you access to all the conveniences of city living while also providing breathtaking views and serenity unparalleled in any other Canadian city.

Crawford Estates

Crawford Estates is a quintessential neighbourhood located in the heart of downtown Kelowna. It is renowned for its residential flair, with numerous Victorian-style homes and houses lined along quaint streets, as well as its many trendy stores and eateries. Not only does this area boast unbeatable convenience for shopping and dining, but it is also within easy walking distance of many attractions such as Okanagan Lake and Knox Mountain Park. Living in Crawford Estates provides a unique combination of city life with suburban amenities - from local farmers markets to public art displays there's something to please everyone! Whether you're enjoying an evening stroll around the estates or simply taking in the stunning views of Okanagan Lake, Crawford Estates promises a vibrant atmosphere that will surely enrich your life if you decide to move there in 2023!


Sheerwater is a renowned neighbourhood in Kelowna, situated near the Okanagan Lake. The area is surrounded by multiple attractions such as the appealing Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, H2O Adventure and Fitness Center and Mission Creek Regional Park. For those looking to explore Kelowna's vibrant downtown, Sheerwater is just a 20-minute drive away. Sheerwater provides an inviting atmosphere with its diverse culture and plethora of leisure activities, making it truly a wonderful place to move into in the coming year!


Quarry is a charming neighbourhood located in the centre of Kelowna, known for its stunning views and nearby hills. It is an accessible and convenient area with plenty of amenities; supermarkets, cafes, shopping centres and parks nearby. Quarry offers easy access to recreational parks such as Knox Mountain Park which is only 10 minutes away by car. It also enjoys close proximity to the Kelowna International Airport (15 minutes) and UBCO (25 minutes). Living in Quarry provides a wonderful balance between urban life surrounded by nature's beauty - a perfect mix for anyone looking for tranquillity in the heart of Kelowna.

Gallaghers Canyon

Moving from Halifax to Kelowna in 2023 can be a great opportunity for adventurous and adrenaline-seeking people. Gallaghers Canyon is an urban residential neighbourhood located in the northeastern part of Kelowna. It is surrounded by lush parks, trails and plenty of outdoor lifestyle amenities such as golf courses and bike paths. The canyon provides access to major attractions like Knox Mountain Park, Dilworth Mountain, UBC Okanagan Campus, City Park and many more that are within close reach. Being so close to all these attractions makes Gallaghers Canyon an attractive place for those who want to live a life full of activities and convenience combined with a tranquil atmosphere.


  • The warming climate of Kelowna compared to Halifax is an undeniable advantage when planning to move there.
  • The pro point of outdoor activities when moving from Halifax to Kelowna is the ample opportunity to explore nature and bask in the beauty of breathtaking views, making it an unbeatable experience for nature-lovers.
  • The pro point of moving from Halifax to Kelowna is that you get to experience the beautiful wine country in the Okanagan Valley.


  • The absence of the ocean can be a significant disadvantage for those used to living in Halifax's coastal environment.
  • The high cost of living in Kelowna compared to Halifax can be a real burden when planning a move.
  • With its high tourist popularity, Kelowna can sometimes be a more hectic environment than Halifax.

What Are the Best Moving Solutions in Moving From Halifax to Kelowna?

Moving can be a difficult and challenging process, but it doesn't have to be - especially when you have the right assistance. Moving from Halifax to Kelowna in 2023 requires some planning and organization, so it's important to consider your options in terms of long-distance movers. At Hercules Moving Company we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help make your Halifax to Kelowna relocation easier and more convenient. From packing and loading/unloading services, storage solutions, as well as transportation with different types of trucks – our experts are trained to provide you with all the necessary moving solutions. Moreover, there are plenty of other reputable companies specializing in long-distance moves that may also be able to assist with your relocation needs – just make sure you do the research and find out which ones meet both budget and requirements expectations best. Meanwhile, don't forget about double-checking any moving company's reputation online as well as confirming their registration with Canadian Association Of Movers (CAM). Doing so will give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe during the move from Halifax all way up until they arrive at their destination destination in Kelowna perfectly unscathed!


Summary: Moving to Kelowna from Halifax in 2023 can be a great idea thanks to its stunning scenic beauty and plethora of outdoor recreation. The cost of living is lower, there are more job opportunities and the best areas to live in offer an array of amenities - all while being surrounded by nature's beauty. Moving solutions such as Hercules Moving Company offer services that make relocation easier and stress-free so you can start your new life with ease.

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Candice Singlair
These Guelph movers were the nicest movers and so efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone. Even my interior designer complimented them. Thanks Hercules.
Really patient and dedicated guys! They treated all of our furniture and belongings with the utmost care while still being incredibly efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
The Hercules team was great! The were very helpful and were very careful when they were in my house when moving the piano into place. They even fixed a part on the piano that had been broken for ages. I would highly recommend them to move anything you need moved. Thanks Hercules!!
This company to put it simply was AMAZING! The initial call to Hercules went extremely well from that moment I knew this was the company I would use. Walter who made the booking was efficient and quick in meeting all my needs. The day of the move the team worked very well wrapping all of my furniture securely preventing any damage. The workers and entire staff were friendly very fast and clearly enjoy there job. I will definitely recommend Hercules moving company to all my friends and family for there moving needs. Special thank you to Vidas and his team of workers! Great job guys!
I called Hercules movers because I needed to transfer furniture from the office in Ottawa to the warehouse in a short time. In response, the moving specialist offered me several payment options, packing materials to purchase and available time slots to choose. Four movers and a truck were required for the relocation, which successfully appeared on the day of the move. Office movers transported everything quickly, nevertheless without the rush. I didn’t assume that all furniture pieces will be received so fast.
Joanne Peddle
The team at Hercules are amazing! I used them to move my 4 bedroom home and everything went very well. These guys are incredible, they never stopped and where so careful with everything. Thanks so much for making my move fantastic!!!!
Hercules was great to work with. They arrived on time, had a team of very competent and friendly guys who treated our possessions with respect, including our piano. They were quick in disassembling and wrapping our furniture and seemed to have a lot of experience with Ikea stuff (which we have a lot of). They worked hard and kept us within the budget. I highly recommend them.
Have used Hercules Moving for 2 work related circumstances. Extremely professional, cautious and timely. I would have no hesitation to recommend this company to others. They are my go to company from now on.
Esther Katz
The Barrie movers arrived on time and impressed me with their friendly and polite demeanour. They completed the move professionally, taking care to pack and protect each of the items to be moved. I was very pleased with the job that was done. I would heartily recommend them for everyone in Ontario.
I am a small business owner and when there is a problem to carry heavy items and move large stuff, I think Hercules! Owners have outstanding organizational skills and manage time and resources very well. I am sharing this wonderful experience as a matter of gratitude and respect.Thank you!
This professional moving company set the bar very high with their service, attitude and dilligent staff. From the start of the move until the end I observed the only the best from the Hercules staff. My household assets received the highest level of quality and delicate handling from this professional moving company. There can't be any professional moving company that can compete with Hercules Moving. I am very happy to have been introduced to this company and will be happy to recommend them to anyone seeking a professional move performed to the highest level of quality and service.
I am highly impressed by the moving company Hercules! A team of 3 men brought a piano up from the basement of my house, up 9 steps, then through a tight corner and up 3 more steps. The moment they stepped in my house, I noticed their professionalism. From preparation and organization to floor/stairs protection, team work and moving techniques, it was excellent. Not a scratch! I have very high standards, I'm actually fussy and not easily impressed, but today I was delighted to see exceptional work. I highly recommend Hercules Markham movers for any moving services!
Urban North Inns
Excellent experience with movers of Hercules Moving Company. They moved a baby grand piano for us. The 3 movers were careful, efficient, and respectful of our premises. They also understand the nature of the furniture (piano) they were moving.
Having been taken in the past by other moving companies with last minute charges and other last minute surprises, we were so pleasantly surprised by the professional work of this company. They were on time, never slowed down to generate extra hours. They explained everything clearly to my wife and delivered all of the items promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They might be a little bit more in cost but are worth every penny. A job extremely well done.
Donald Quan
Used Hercules for the first time for the move of my very expensive and rare C.Bechstein grand - I was so pleased with their service an demeanour at the baby coddling care they used in handling my pride and joy that I will be using them for all of my piano moves from here on. I highly recommend these Guelph movers. Donald Quan - award winning film composer.
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