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How to Pack China For Moving?
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January 15, 2022

How to Pack China For Moving?

Packing a house for a move has been initiated and it is time to pack the most valuable possession of the Kitchen - China Serveware. When packing a fine China for a move, it is not enough to simply remember and comply with the essential rules of packing the kitchen for a move. How do you pack china and crystal for a move? The answer is: with extreme care and patience.

China Serveware is the intimate of the kitchen, it carries a greater value than just an expensive price. Breaking any of the pieces when packing china for a move will be a dreadful loss that you can easily avoid by hiring moving experts.

Follow the guide from Hercules’ packers for useful moving tips on how to pack china and crystal for moving.

Where to begin packing china for moving?

Step 1: Tools & Materials.

The first and the most important step when packing china for moving is to prepare all the necessary equipment. Here is the list of packing tools and packing materials you need to safely transport china when moving house.

Essential Packing tools: 

  • Utility Knife. Make sure to have a new blade, to avoid cuts and inconviniences
  • Labels. Labeling boxes will help you when moving in.
  • Marker. Purchase a reliable thick market that will be easy to see

Essential Packing Materials: 

  • Dish barrels moving boxes. A great option for transporting any fragile valuables, especially china and crystal. It allows you to pack up the collection in one box, so none of the pieces would get lost. Find the box here
  • Dish pack moving boxes. Try to find a dish pack moving box with dividers, it will help you pack china plates and bowls organised and double protected
  • Newsprint packing paper. Estimate the approximate number of your china and crystal pieces and per each have at least 3-4 packing sheets. For the bigger china pieces like china teapots use at least 4-5, including some for the separate parts
  • Bubble wrap. Get 2 to 3 rolls of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a great solution for ultimate safety It will help to pack uneven items
  • Packing tape. Purchase a thick quality tape that will hold the cardboard together tightly

Step 2: Pre-packing china for moving

  1. Start by assembling all the moving boxes.
  2. Double tape the bottom and the corners of the moving boxes. Make sure it is secure
  3. Take up to 20 large pieces of packing paperper box and crush it into a voluminous mass. Place it at the bottom of the box creating a cushion layer of 10-15 cm for safety

These steps are similar to the steps that are being done when packing glasses and fragile items for moving. Remember that damage to the fine china could be made anytime during the relocation.

How to pack china cups and saucers for moving

Clean, dry and check fine china cups and saucers for any chipped or damaged areas. Defected glasses should not be packed or moved to a new house. Lay down a stack of newsprint packing paper on a stable and flat surface. You must have a sufficient amount of packing paper sheets to wrap each piece individually, and large enough to cover it completely.

Packing simply shaped china cups. Start by placing them in the corner of the packing paper and wrap it moving towards the opposite side. Stuff the excess paper sheets inside the cup and repeat the process. Place inside the moving box using cardboard dividers

Packing china cups with handles. Initiate by folding the packing paper in half and rolling one of the corners. Slip the rolled corner through the china cup hole and continue packing it around the cup. Use another paper sheet to fully cover the china cup for protection, stuffing excess paper inside the cup.

Packing china nest cups. Begin by folding the newsprint packing paper sheet in half. Place the china cup in the center and fold the one corner to cover the china cup top. Locate the nesting cup onto the covered cup and wrap both with a second layer of packing paper. Do not place more than 2 - 3 cups at a time.

Packing china saucers for moving. is as easy as packing china plates. Follow the instructions given in how to pack china plates for moving!

How to pack china plates and bowls for moving?

Packing china plates for moving in 3 steps

  1. Put the first china plate in the center of the wrapping sheet and fold a corner of not one, but two sheets covering the plate’s surface
  2. Place another china plate on top and repeat these steps for up to 4 plates in one stack
  3. Wrap them all together in the final layer of wrapping paper or bubble wrap and move into the moving box vertically

Packing china bowls for moving in 3 steps

  1. Crush newsprint packing paper sheets and place it inside the bowl
  2. Wrap it in 2 layers of sheets of packing paper or bubble wrap for extra protection, and placed it vertically inside the box
  3. Place inside the moving box using cardboard dividers

How to pack a china teapot for moving?

  1. To pack a china teapot for moving you need to separate it from any small detachable pieces
  2. Place a china teapot in the center of the wrapping paper and start wrapping the spout firmly then move it into the body
  3. Fill up the inside with the excess wrapping paper
  4. Wrap the teapot cover individually, flipping it upside down so the top would face the inside of the teapot
  5. In the final step, wrap them together with bubble wrap or 2-3 layers of newsprint packing paper

When packing up the moving box, remember: larger items should go at the bottom, as well as heavier ones. The fragile and lighter valuables are at the top. Following these tips will guarantee a safe and organized packing and unpacking move process

An important tip, if you are not sure whether your possessions will get to the destination unharmed, hire a professional moving company with experienced movers that will do that for you. If you are wondering how much it would cost you, Get a Free Quote Now!

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