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How to Pack Shoes for Moving?
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February 23, 2022

How to Pack Shoes for Moving?

Moving house is quite a large-scale event. Even if we simply consider moving things from one apartment to another within the same neighbourhood. How to properly pack shoes when moving, so you do not have to buy new ones? Hercules specialists know the answer.

If you decide to cope with this problem yourself, you will need a lot of patience, packing materials, and time. Here is a step-by-step guide on the best way to pack shoes when moving to preserve their good condition.

Tools & Materials:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Wrapping paper
  • Marker

Where to begin packing shoes for moving?

The process of moving shoes can be quite overwhelming. Take a deep breath and get ready to start packing and moving shoes to your new home!

1st step:

  • Keep the pairs that you use daily, seasonal shoes that fit the new weather and pairs that hold sentimental value.
  • Toss the old, unworthy, and smelly. Do not keep any unwearable high heels or even flip-flops.
  • Donate kid's shoes and good pairs to local shelters, donation centers and non-profitable organizations.
  • Sell new-like shoes on your social media or online markets for a symbolic price.

2nd step:

  1. Style. Divide shoes into piles: sneakers, high heels, dress shoes, home shoes, boots, etc.
  2. Season. Put aside any seasonal shoes that you will take with you. Winter boots, rubber boots, slippers.
  3. Person. Take small boxes and medium boxes and give them to each family member. Let them mark the shoe type/season and their name. It will allow you to easily unpack locating moving boxes into dedicated rooms.

Moving tip: Put aside the most comfortable shoes that you will wear during the move and a few pairs for the first days.

How to prepare shoes for packing?

The biggest mistake one can make when packing shoes for moving is unknowingly setting yourself up for failure by not taking these crucial steps:

Clean and repair. Any pair that will be packed for a move must be well cleaned and repaired if necessary. Even the smallest dirt could ruin your favourite velvet high heels because of shifting and tossing around inside the moving truck. Make sure that the pair is fully dry as the liquid might result in mould growth or deformation.

Inside protection. Stuff each pair well with wrapping paper or socks to prevent deformation due to any pressure during the move. Use only white/clean wrapping paper, the newspaper could leave not washable stains.

Outside protection. If you kept the original shoe box, that would be the easiest way to pack shoes for moving. In case you are wondering how to pack shoes without moving boxes, Hercules has prepared for you a few solutions that we will discuss later in the text.

Pack shoes for relocation. One of the unspoken rules of successful shoe moving - pack your shoes in pairs. Sounds silly to mention it, but do not place shoes in different boxes for the space's sake. If only one shoe fits in the box, place a pair in a new box and fill up the empty space with wrapping paper instead.

We will go through different methods of how to pack multiple pairs of shoes depending on style.

How to pack dress shoes, high heels, boots, sneakers shoe collections for moving?

Long-distance moves can significantly damage unprotected shoes. Simply placing shoes in plastic storage is not a good idea, only use it as temporary shoe storage. Ensure to have extra packing paper and tissue paper before the moving day approaches.

With shoebox:

  1. Place clean shoes inside the original shoebox
  2. Move it into a medium-size moving box
  3. Fill up the empty space with white packing paper or bubble wrap
  4. Close the moving box and secure it with packing tape

Without shoebox:

  1. Lay down a square list of packing paper on the floor
  2. Start wrapping one shoe at a time beginning at the corner to the middle
  3. Place the second shoe and finish by securing it with packing tape
  4. Crunch a few layers of the wrapping paper and layer it at the bottom of the box
  5. Place fully covered pairs inside the box and fill up empty space with more packing paper to prevent shifting

For especially valuable shoes without a shoebox:

  1. Repeat the first 3 steps of “without shoebox” adding extra packing paper inside the shoe
  2. Double wrap the pair with newsprint packing paper or bubble wrap for extra safety or a shoe pouch
  3. Place the pair inside the plastic container that is a good fit.Fill up any empty space with wrapping paper
  4. Secure and mark the container
  5. Place in the moving cardboard box repeating steps 4 and 5
  6. Secure the moving box with double layers of packing tape

Packing Tips:

  • Use tea bags or dry citrus to ensure a good smell
  • Alternate the directions of the shoes when packing and stacking in the box to save space
  • Do not overload the moving boxes as they can be too heavy to carry
  • Place heavier shoes on the bottom and lighter shoes on top of the box

Don't know how to move shoes, have doubts about your own skills, and don't want to risk your shoe collection? Ask for help from the professionals. The Hercules moving company is not only engaged in loading and transporting items when moving. We know exactly how to pack shoes to keep their original appearance.

We guarantee the safety of all belongings, as well as a full range of services to prepare for the move on the most favourable terms. Call your coordinator today to get your free estimate.

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