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How to Pack for a Move?
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March 10, 2022

How to pack for a Move?

Moving house is a mission that can not be overlooked. Life is an unpredictable correlation of events that will force you to pack up stuff and move to Mars at some point.

Getting through packing for a move is not only a hassle for unprepared new-home buyers but a challenge for a sophisticated strategist. Getting your hands on helpful moving guides, top packing hacks and moving tips is always a win-win plan and Hercules is here to help.

Knowing the best way to pack for moving can change your approach and therefore the results. Thus, a faster packing and unpacking, organized, less time and money-consuming moving house experience. Ready for a move? Follow up for the best moving hacks and packing tips gathered in this article for you.

Top packing tips and tricks, best stress-free moving hacks

To prepare ahead of time, start 2 months before your move day. Although it might seem early, some things take time. Packing to move a house is not only gathering all of your material possessions, it also includes everything you spread the roots into. Remember this moving guide to stay on time.

Moving house: where do I begin?

  • Cancel/Transfer your memberships. You want to start cutting the roots step-by-step. Call your gym, food retail, courses, transportation, and co-working studio and let them know that you are moving. Depending on the company’s policies it can take from days to months.
  • Notify mail services. Make sure you inform your local post office or your building office/concierge about your relocation. Let them know your new address in case any letter or parcel is delivered after you leave.
  • Gather medical documents and switch a family doctor. Get in contact with all of your health providers, and request a copy of your family’s health history and records. If you have already found a doctor at a new location, request to transfer it to him.
  • Update the insurance. If you own any insurances, update or cancel them depending on the need. Avoid leaving it until the last moment.
  • Learn about banks and financial policies. Whether you are moving long-distance or moving overseas, you want to ensure that your capital is safe and secure. Check with your bank about policies and restrictions on using your card abroad.
  • Notify government authorities. Connect with your government authorities informing them of your future house move. You should do it in advance so they are notified and do not mail you any important documents or cheques during your absence.

Best moving hacks: before packing

The house moving date is approaching and now we are 1 month away from it. How to organize packing for a move? - Start packing staying consistent and focused. Moving home is easy knowing your next steps.

Find the best moving company near you

  • Research local moving companies and contact them for a free quote
  • The best moving hack is to check companies’ reviews and browse their social media presents. Trusted moving companies do their best to reassure you of their professionalism via transparency
  • Start from somewhere, fill up a free estimate with Hercules, our friendly moving coordinators will assist you

Start decluttering and purging.

  • One of the most important moving tips when packing for a move is to start decluttering your house early.
  • Room by room, from the ceiling to the floor, gather and group everything into 4 categories: keep, toss, sell, and donate. By doing so you will not only make your moving house process easier but save money and time
  • If you have some big pieces to throw away, arrange a pick-up service. The earlier, the better!

Gather moving supplies

  • Take a piece of paper and go from room to room calculating approximate numbers for moving supplies. When working with a professional moving company, they can provide the supplies, pack and ship for you.
  • Here is a starter pack of supplies you would need moving home: moving boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and a marker
  • Connect with a local supplies store to purchase any moving tools or materials you are missing
  • Collect enough packing materials so you do not end up using toilet paper.

Moving and packing tips.

To pack a house efficiently for a moveyou need to stay within the time frame. Gather all of your patience and strength. We are at the final stage, marking 2 to 3 weeks before the house move date.

Remember these moving hacks and packing tips to move out quickly, keeping your possessions safe during the move.

Colour code your moving boxes. Prior to any packing, make a list with each room’s name and dedicate a colour to it using coloured tape. When packing for a move, label each box and put the tape on the top and sides of the packing box. When unpacking, place the tape on the door of a room so those who help you know where the box belongs.

Use your fabrics to pack. Another great moving budget hack is to use your towels, socks, and scarves to wrap kitchenware. It might not be the safest way to pack glasses for moving, but definitely handy.

Take pictures when packing Whether to capture the interior design decision, how to assemble or disassemble furniture or simply how your devices are plugged. The sky is the limit.

Call the utility provider. It is about the time to call your utility provider and set up a day to cancel or transfer any services.

Cancel your data plan. Call your data provider and set a date to cancel your plan and home internet.

Start clearing up the kitchen. Now you can start planning your meals in advance to end up having almost nothing edible/not transportable in your kitchen. Having a packing plan will allow you not to waste any of your resources.

Prepare appliances for a move. Start unplugging and packing any big appliances. Defrost your fridge 2-3 days before the move. Make sure there is nothing inside that can shift or break inside. Read our article about how to pack the kitchen for a move to learn more.

Keep hanging clothes on hangers. No need to make extra moves, packing clothes on hangers is one of the ways to avoid wrinkles and creases using a wardrobe box. To know how to efficiently pack those, read our article on how to pack clothes for a move for tips.

Organize a garage sale. A great option to get rid of unused items or items in a great condition, organizing a garage sale at no additional cost.

Save money when moving. Moving is quite an expensive event, one of the packing hacks would be getting free packing supplies. Call friends and family to find out if they have any moving boxes that you could use. Connect with stores nearby, most of them have numerous cardboard boxes that would be thrown away.

Keep the screws with the furniture. When disassembling any large pieces, make sure to have a ziplock bag to store any of the small parts and bolts. The assembling part will be way easier doing so.

Pack heavy in small and light in big. One of the most important rules when packing a house for a move is to keep the moving boxes lighter than 10-15 kg. Pack light items in large size boxes and heavy items like books, in small.

Use lots of packing paper. Wrap up any fragile items in a few layers of packing paper prior to putting them in the moving box. Do the same when packing dishes and glasses for the move.

Confirm with your movers. If you hire a moving company you want to make sure everything is set and ready to go. Professional movers are the best to efficiently load a moving truck and safely transport your possessions.

Moving out day moving tips

Clean and patch the house. Before you leave, dedicate a day or two to go around the house and patch and fix anything that is broken. If you are selling the house, you can include it as a cleaning fee. If you are renting, the homeowner will return your deposit in full amount.

Pack essentials. Pack a suitcase with essentials that you can take with you for the trip. Some food for the road, bathroom needs, first-week clothing set, and your morning and night routine items. Make yourself comfortable in the new place.

Make a travel plan. If you are relocating using a car, mark on the map all the stops you can make along the way. Move smart without losing any time in search of a gas station.

Packing for a move can never become a routine. Use these moving hacks and packing tips for a smooth experience. Stay calm and follow the timeframes, you can never go wrong when staying organized and consistent. Probably, it is the best time for you to leave all the bad and old, starting fresh and new.

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