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International Movers to Maldives

Moving overseas is a big decision, and we at Hercules Moving Company understand the complexity of this task. We are here to help those who are planning to move to Maldives, providing international moving services designed to make their relocation as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Maldives lies in the Indian Ocean and is made up of 1,190 islands located off the coast of India and Sri Lanka. It has two neighboring countries: India and Sri Lanka. The capital city is Malé, which is known for its colorful buildings, mosques, markets, restaurants serving local cuisine and vibrant street life.

Other popular cities for expats include Hulhumalé City and Gulhifalhu City on reclaimed land near Malé; Addu City on an island south of Malé; Fuvahmulah Island; Thulusdhoo Island; Vaavu Atoll; Laamu Atoll; Baa Atoll; Lhaviyani Atoll; Meemu Atolland Gaafu Alifu Atolls – all with their own distinct characteristics waiting to be discovered! Maldives is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear waters that create perfect conditions for swimming snorkeling or diving amongst many species of majestic fish.

Top landmarks include Grand Friday Mosque in Malé – one of the largest mosques in South Asia – as well as Utheemu Gandhuvaruhunge Mahaazaru Palace - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - where Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaan was born in 1573 AD who liberated Maldives from Portuguese invaders during his rule from 1654-1666AD .

At Hercules Moving Company you can rest assured that your relocation to Maldives will be done quickly yet safely thanks to our highly trained teams who specialize in international moves. Let us take care of all your moving needs so you can focus on starting your new life abroad!

The International Move Process to Maldives

We specialize in international moves to Maldives and have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to relocating there. Our team has vast expertise in helping our customers with the entire process of moving, from start to finish.

We make sure that every move is streamlined and stress-free, so you can enjoy your new life without any worries or complications.

Initial Consultation

When it comes to international moving, the first step is scheduling a free consultation with Hercules Moving Company. During this consultation, our professional movers will discuss your needs and requirements for your move to Maldives.

We will gather information such as the timeline of your move, budget restrictions, and the quantity of items that need to be shipped. All of this information is essential in ensuring a successful relocation experience.

With this information at hand, our team can craft an individualized plan specifically tailored to fit your moving needs.

Virtual Survey

After a detailed initial consultation with our professional customer support team, we are ready to provide an accurate international moving estimate for your relocation to Maldives.

Our AI Estimating tool, Yembo.ai, helps reduce the amount of time needed for the estimate, giving you an accurate assessment of the cost and time frame of the entire move.

Yembo.ai automatically detects your inventory and measures the volume of each item in minutes via a simple video call, while preparing all inventory according to ISO 17451 standards.

This is a modern and fast way to get an estimate that is easy and secure – no more hours spent taking pictures of everything you own! Furthermore, our team always stays up-to-date with the latest technology so that our customers can expect top

Receive All In and Transparent Quote

After a virtual survey, Yembo.ai will provide you with an online, all-in and transparent moving estimate. Our experienced international moving coordinators consider many factors when determining the best estimate for you.

Every client gets a personalized approach as we strive to work towards complete customer satisfaction according to their needs and budget. We are proud to also offer price matching with any reputable moving company and Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) member.

This way, our customers can be sure they’re getting the best service at unbeatable prices.

With Hercules Moving Company, you can rest assured that when it comes to international moving estimates, no charge is hidden and all details are given upfront.

Expert Packing for Moving to Maldives

Moving day has arrived and you have booked your international move with us.

Unfortunately, most countries do not allow Packed by Owner containers (PBO). If that is the case and your items are packed by yourself, long delays and extra charges may occur when customs will not allow it.

We have years of experience in international moving and a team of expert packers who are dedicated to providing the best possible service for moving to Maldives.

We always use the best packing materials and techniques: instead of moving blankets, we will use Branded Alligator Wrap, and extra sturdy international moving boxes.

International packing has to be performed much better than local packing, as it needs to ensure that items will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

During the packing process, we will also prepare an inventory which meets all import and export requirements for Maldives. All items are then packed in a way that ensures their protection during overseas transport.

With our experienced packers on board, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe throughout their journey.

Customs Clearance When Moving to Maldives

When it comes to international moving to Maldives, the packing process is only the first step. After the items have been packed, they must then be shipped to their destination.

Hercules Moving Company uses the most reliable method of transportation for each shipment, ensuring that items arrive safely and on time. Once the shipment arrives at its destination port in Maldives, it will then go through customs clearance.

This is a necessary part of ensuring that all items entering Maldives are legal and comply with all relevant regulations. The customs clearance process involves submitting necessary paperwork, as well as proving that all duty and taxes have been paid.

It also involves providing a detailed list of items in the shipment and their respective values.

At Hercules Moving Company, we understand that customs clearance can be a daunting process for those unfamiliar with its complexities. That’s why we are committed to providing our clients with personalized support throughout this process.

We have experienced professionals who can handle the paperwork and guide you through any questions or concerns you may have about customs clearance in Maldives.

Our expertise in customs clearance ensures a smooth transition from one country to another; helping to ensure that your items are delivered on time without any issues arising from paperwork or documentation errors.

With our dedication to quality service and our commitment to providing specialized support throughout the process, you can rest assured that your overseas move will be handled professionally and expertly when you choose Hercules Moving Company.

Delivery to Maldives

Once the items have cleared customs, it is time to deliver them to your new home overseas. Delivery, or destination service, is handled by a trusted agent in the destination country and is an optional service if you have chosen door-to-door service.

If you prefer to handle delivery yourself, that can be arranged too. And if the move happens on the same day as delivery, debris removal is included as a free service to help keep your new home clean and tidy.

Our delivery services ensure that all of the furniture in your new home is placed exactly how you want it so you can start settling into your new home with ease. Our team of professionals can help stage the furniture for you so that everything looks just how you like it.

By allowing us to handle the logistics of moving, you can focus on setting up your new life in Maldives without worrying about any of the details.

If you are relocating to Maldives and would like help with your international move, please contact us today for a free quote!

International Moving Services to Maldives

Our Services
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Shipping options to Maldives

Discover a seamless moving experience with our versatile shipping options tailored for Maldives. Let us handle the logistics, so you can focus on starting your new adventure!

Ocean Freight Icon
Ocean Freight
Less Than Container Load (LCL) Icon
Less Than Container Load (LCL)
Groupage Shipping Icon
Groupage Shipping
Full Container Load (FCL) Icon
Full Container Load (FCL)
Air Freight Icon
Air Freight

Door to Door Moving to Maldives

Moving to Maldives can be a daunting task, but our Hercules Moving Company provides door-to-door moving service for the most convenient international relocation. Meanwhile, our team of certified international moving coordinators and crew members will handle all the services from start to finish, including packing, crating, loading, shipping, custom clearance and unloading/unpacking.

With door-to-door moving you only need to provide us a single address - we take care of everything else. This is an effortless way of relocating internationally that requires little input on your part. So don't worry - with Hercules Moving Company you are in good hands!

Door to Port Moving to Maldives

At Hercules Moving, we specialize in door to port moving to Maldives. This type of moving service may be a good option for those who don't need destination service or already have a preferred destination agent. Door to port moving requires more input from the customer than door-to-door moving and may be more cost effective.

We will provide top-notch services in the origin country and safely deliver your shipment to its port of destination. Hercules Moving is always here for you when it comes to door to port moving, ensuring that you'll get the best experience from start to finish!

At Hercules Moving Company, we take pride in providing top-notch door-to-door and door-to-port moving services for your peace of mind. With our expert team, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to safety, you can trust us to transport your possessions with utmost care and efficiency. Let us take the stress out of your move and deliver your belongings safely to your new doorstep or port.

Helping You Move at All Stages of Life

Global Relocations Simplified: Expert Moving Services for Maldives and Beyond, Catering to Every Life Stage

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Moving Back Home Icon

Moving Back Home

Hercules Moving Company can provide a hassle-free relocation back home to the Maldives, with custom move solutions tailored to fit any situation.

Studying Abroad Icon

Studying Abroad

An exciting adventure awaits those who are looking to pursue their education in the Maldives, and Hercules Moving Company can make it easier with efficient move services.

Job Relocation Icon

Job Relocation

Don't let your job relocation overwhelm you. Hercules Moving Company provides flexible moving plans tailored to committed professionals transitioning to the exquisite Maldivian shores.

Military Relocation Icon

Military Relocation

For servicemen and women making a transition back home or on international deployment in the Maldives, Hercules Moving Company ensures smooth and secure relocation services.

Retirement Moving Icon

Retirement Moving

Hercules Moving Company is here to assist retirees who are looking for a comfortable life abroad in thrilling and exotic new surroundings--the stunning shores of the Maldives!

Business / Investors Icon

Business / Investors

The booming economy of the Maldives provides dream opportunities for business owners and investors alike. With easy shipping options from Hercules Moving Company, setting up business abroad has never been easier!

Customs Regulations when Moving to Maldives

When moving to a new country, it is important to take note of the customs regulations that govern imports and exports. This is especially true for individuals or families who are planning to move to the Maldives. The Customs regulations of Maldives are strict in order to maintain a high level of security and control over the country’s borders. It is important to note that any customs charges, due to the import or export of any goods, are not the responsibility of the Hercules Moving Company. In this article, we will elaborate on the customs regulations of Maldives, identifying the documents required for exporting and importing goods under various categories.

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects
Restricted/Dutiable Items
Prohibited Items
Motor Vehicles
Boats and Yachts

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Individuals who wish to bring their used household goods and personal effects to Maldives must be aware of the documents required by customs. Here are the necessary documents:

  • Customs declaration form
  • Original passport
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) or express release bill of lading (ERBL)

It is important to note that customs will only allow duty-free entry of personal effects that have been used for more than 6 months.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

Restricted or dutiable items must be declared upon arrival in Maldives. Here are the items that may incur duties:

  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • Photographic equipment
  • Gifts exceeding USD 100 in value
  • Professional equipment

Prohibited Items

These are the items that are not allowed to be imported into Maldives:

  • Narcotics
  • Weapons (guns, ammunition, explosives, etc.)
  • Pornographic material
  • Printings or media offensive to Islam
  • Religious statues or idols for worship

Motor Vehicles

Individuals who want to bring their motor vehicles to Maldives must be aware of the documents required by customs. Here are the necessary documents:

  • Original logbook
  • Export declaration
  • Vehicle registration
  • Original bill of lading
  • Comprehensive Insurance

It is important to note that the vehicle must not have been previously imported into Maldives, and must be less than eight years old.

Boats and Yachts

Individuals who want to bring their boats or yachts to Maldives must be aware of the documents required by customs. Here are the necessary documents:

  • Original bill of lading
  • Ship registration
  • Tonnage certificate
  • Export declaration
  • Boat or yacht purchase receipt
  • Name of the captain

If the boat or yacht is for commercial purposes, an additional import permit would be required from the relevant authorities.


Individuals who wish to bring their pets to Maldives must be aware of the documents required by customs. Here are the necessary documents:

  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Export certificate
  • Rabies certificate

It is important to note that all pets entering the Maldives must undergo quarantine procedures mandated by the Maldives government authorities.


Electronic items, such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, are allowed to be imported into Maldives for personal use. However, these items are subject to inspection by customs authorities.

How We Work

We could have wrote 100 beautiful words here - but instead take a look on how we move below
Fine Art Moving
Crating & Taxidermy
Fragile Packing
Furniture Handling
Furniture Protection

Hercules goes the extra mile to ensure that all of your most valuable art is protected. Expert wrapping and packaging methods start the highest quality moving & packing materials. Our mover training program ensures that every team has an expert who can safely pack any item so it arrives in the same condition it left.

Hercules can build custom measured crates and containers to meet your specific long distance shipping needs. If you are moving, and have a taxidermy collection, the experts at HMC can help. Our crateless system is effective for securing any type or size of trophy.

To avoid damage to fragile items during a long-distance move to your new residence, office or storage unit Hercules will use all the right materials and implement the proper packing techniques for maximum protection.

With the right training and proper equipment, your furniture will be handled safely in any situation.

Not all furniture is the same size. Hercules uses various materials to prepare furniture for moving: moving blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap, or alligator wrap. HMC movers and packers will pack your furniture the right way.

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Shipping Services

Besides household moving, we also offer a wide range of shipping services. We can ship your items to any destination in the world.
Shipping Land Vehicles
Moving Your Prized Wheels with Precision, Safety, and Unrivaled Service!
  • Car/Auto
  • RVs
  • ATVs and Golf Carts
  • Motorcycle
General Shipping
Trust Us to Transport Your Treasures with Speed, Care, and Unmatched Expertise!
  • Commercial Freight
  • Project Freight
  • Household Goods
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Other Cargo
Shipping Water and Snow Vehicles
Expertly Relocating Your Aquatic & Snow Adventures - Safe, Swift & Stress-Free!
  • Jet Skis
  • Boats / Yachts
  • Snowmobiles
  • Dirt Bike
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International Movers Who Are Different then Others

In order to provide the best moving service in , we are carrying everything you need for the move.

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Insurance / RVP Icon

Insurance / RVP

Moving to a new place should not worry you, here at [Company Name], we offer full insurance coverage for any damage done to your belongings during the process. Our insurance ensures that customers can rest easy knowing that their possessions are being taken care of in the safe and secure Maldives.

Packing Materials Icon

Packing Materials

Movers in Maldives offer high quality packing materials that protect your belongings during the moving process. Our packing materials are designed to last and perfectly fit any size box for maximum security and protection. We have a full range of boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more for all your moving needs.

Free On-site Estimate Icon

Free On-site Estimate

Virtual on-site estimates using Yembo AI technology make it easy to get an accurate assessment of your move without wasting time. Move confidently with our virtual estimates that are as precise and accurate as an in-person evaluation. Get a hassle-free experience with Yembo AI technology and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly how much your move will cost you, no matter where you live in Maldives!

Upfront & Transparent Icon

Upfront & Transparent

At Hercules Moving Company in Maldives, our number one priority is to make sure that you feel comfortable and informed throughout your move. With our Upfront & Transparent pricing, you can rest assured knowing exactly what services are included and how much you'll be paying before the move takes place. No hidden costs!

Dedicated Coordinator Icon

Dedicated Coordinator

Hercules Moving Company provides you with a dedicated coordinator for your moving needs in Maldives. With our coordinator, you can be assured that your move will be seamless and stress-free as they take complete responsibility of the entire process. Enjoy a smooth relocation and let us do the heavy lifting!

Assembly / Disassembly Icon

Assembly / Disassembly

Our professional movers in Maldives offer assembly and disassembly services to ensure that furniture and other items are properly packed and secured before transportation. Our experienced staff will make sure that your belongings are expertly assembled and disassembled with utmost care. With our assembly and disassembly services, you can be sure that your move is done quickly and efficiently.

Insurance / RVP Icon
Insurance / RVP
Packing Materials Icon
Packing Materials
Free On-site Estimate Icon
Free On-site Estimate
Upfront & Transparent Icon
Upfront & Transparent
Dedicated Coordinator Icon
Dedicated Coordinator
Assembly / Disassembly Icon
Assembly / Disassembly
Ready to Move?
Get in touch with our Moving Coordinators to get your FREE Quote Now!

What Clients say About Us

This company has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. From the moment I received my initial quote provided by Igor, the company ensured that my needs were fully accommodated. Having previously dealt with other moving companies in the past (I've had to move a few times due to the nature of my job), I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of care Hercules takes in handling my furniture. The movers were very friendly, professional, and did not waste any time (in my previous experience, movers would take their time, which resulted in a large bill for me). The moment the staff arrived at my door, they immediately began working. In summary, this is my go to mover in GTA from now on. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a professional service, hassle free.

Private User

These Burlington movers did a great job moving my wife and I out of our downtown condo. Took care of everything they moved, and did things quickly and efficiently. The quote itself was reasonable and compared well to others. Will use them again for future moves.

I was very worried when I knew I had to move my piano and I did some research online to see how can I get it done and I found Hercules Moving Company and I decided to give them a try. I was astonished how quickly and easy they did that without leaving a single mark on it. I was pleased and surely will call again!!!

I am highly impressed by the moving company Hercules! A team of 3 men brought a piano up from the basement of my house, up 9 steps, then through a tight corner and up 3 more steps. The moment they stepped in my house, I noticed their professionalism. From preparation and organization to floor/stairs protection, team work and moving techniques, it was excellent. Not a scratch! I have very high standards, I'm actually fussy and not easily impressed, but today I was delighted to see exceptional work. I highly recommend Hercules Markham movers for any moving services!

Hercules moving guys were AMAZING!!!! They were moving a very heavy old piano. They were very polite, courteous, & very conscientious of all they did...ensuring that nothing left a mark anywhere. They even had trouble with opening one of the double doors (a lower lock had jammed) and Vidas took the lower lock apart , repaired it and put it back in place- that is service! No one does things like that anymore! Great guys- I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys!!!

The Hercules moving team conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Upon their arrival they were quick to introduce themselves. My piano was carefully wrapped before moving it. Once at its destination the moving team decided on the best way to move my piano into its new home. They laid mats along their route to protect my flooring. They had to move some furniture out of their way. Throughout the entire process of moving the piano they were very careful with the piano and my home. They recommended putting some coasters (which they had on hand) under the wheels of the piano to protect my flooring before taking it off of their mats. After unwrapping and disposing of all of the wrap they made sure I was happy with the placement of the piano before considering their job complete. Even took the time to move back all of the items they moved out of their way, no matter how small. Overall I was very happy with my experience with Hercules Moving Company. I highly recommend them.

All four movers were excellent, courteous and very professional. They took good care of our furniture, Piano and other things during the move. we were very pleased and will always use them & recommend them for any moving projects.

Best moving company I ever used. Reliable and very efficient. Worry free service. I definitely recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

Anastasiya Mamayeva

These guys are amazing. They are fast and reliable. They are reasonably priced compared to other big companies. They moved 3br appt on a very short notice with no extra charge. All my furniture arrived in the same condition as before the move. I would definitely recommend them!

I had to move my entire food operation in a day. Hercules quoted me quickly and showed up on site 2 days later ready to move. I was worried about all my expensive and sensitive machinery but they pulled it off safely and without issue. Very reasonably priced and highly recommended. Great Oakville movers!

The movers arrived on time and impressed me with their friendly and polite demeanour. They completed the move professionally, taking care to pack and protect each of the items to be moved.I was very pleased with the job that was done. I would heartily recommend them.

Thank you very much, Hercules moving company for your hard work, great service and fast delivery. We greatly appreciate it and would recommend your services to anyone looking to move!

The team came in and did a great job moving our grand piano from the second floor to the main level. It took a while for the team to assess how to do it but when they brought in the cavalry to help out it was quite impressive to see them get the job done. I would definitely recommend this happy bunch!


Had a piano moved from one household to another. They took great care and did an amazing job with packing it up and delivery. I would recommend this company to anyone looking.


This company was very professional. There was a minor delay, they fixed that very satisfactorily which in my opinion is the best sign of a professional, reliable company. The delivery went smoothly, guys were polite, efficient, professional and on time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use these gentlemen again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t you already have some questions? It’s Great if you Do! Take a look on a most popular questions below, and you might find an answer now.

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How to Pack for a Move?
Moving house is a mission that can not be overlooked. Life is an unpredictable correlation of events that will force you to pack up stuff and move to Mars at some point.
How To Pack Kitchen For Moving?
How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving?
One of the biggest challenges when packing a home for moving is self-discipline and not getting overwhelmed. Packing the kitchen for moving is not an easy job, the number of items is almost uncountable. It is easy to lose track, give up or go with the flow when wondering how to pack kitchen stuff for moving. Hercules is ready to share with you our professional packing tips and moving tricks to help you in your journey.
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Moving house is quite a large-scale event. Even if we simply consider moving things from one apartment to another within the same neighbourhood. How to properly pack shoes when moving, so you do not have to buy new ones? Hercules specialists know the answer.
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How to Pack Dishes for Moving?
Plates must be adequately and securely packed, stacked and secured so nothing can break or be damaged during the move. Realistically, the best solution to save time and nerves - trusting this work to professional movers with sufficient experience.
How to Pack China for Moving
How to Pack China For Moving?
Packing a house for a move has been initiated and it is time to pack the most valuable possession of the Kitchen - China Serveware. When packing a fine China for a move, it is not enough to simply remember and comply with the essential rules of packing the kitchen for a move. How do you pack china and crystal for a move?
How to Pack Glasses for Moving?
How to Pack Glasses for Moving?
Packing glasses for a move can become stressful and disorienting if not done correctly. Figuring out how to pack glasses when moving is an issue that Hercules will help you to clear up.
How to Pack Clothes for Moving?
How to Pack Clothes for Moving?
Although the bright scene of life in a new nest keeps you thrilled, the reality of packing a house for moving can be discouraging and intimidating. Before packing all the heavy and bulky items it only makes sense to declutter all the insides of it: plates and glasses, books, cleaning products, and of course clothes. Understanding how to pack clothes for moving can impressively advance your moving experience.
How to pack books for Moving?
How to Pack Books for Moving?
Packing a house for a move is not that scary, although, some say that moving is tantamount to a fire. Sometimes the chaos and disorder that arise inside the rooms are frightening.
How to Pack Folded clothes for Moving?
How to Pack Folded Clothes for Moving?
Packing clothes for moving is never an easy task. Gathering all the clothes, sorting them out, and finally arranging them so you can find them again at your new place can cause a loss of a thousand nerve cells. Hercules prepared a guide on how to pack clothes so they don’t wrinkle during the move.
How to pack Hanging Clothing for Moving
How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving?
After familiarizing ourselves with the nuances of packing clothes for moving, we are ready to dive into an equally important topic - how to pack clothes on hangers for moving. There are several aspects that will be covered to identify the easiest way to pack and move hanging clothes.