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TipsMay 9, 2022

How to Pack Dishes for Moving?

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When packing a house for a move, the goal is to transport everything safely. Preparation for a move should be done in advance, overwise, you risk falling unconscious due to an anxiety attack. It might be easier to deal with something like books or clothes, however, kitchenware requires closer attention when being packed.

Plates must be adequately and securely packed, stacked and secured so nothing can break or be damaged during the move. Realistically, the best solution to save time and nerves – trusting this work to professional movers with sufficient experience.

What to do before packing plates for moving?

1st step:

Before packing for a move, you must ensure that you are not missing any essential packing tools and packing materials. To properly pack dishes for moving, you need these moving supplies:

  • Packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Sturdy small or medium-sized moving boxes.
  • Marker
  • Extra thick packing tape
  • Scissors

2nd step:

Overview and Select. Go over your dish collection to identify damaged or unused stemware, and keep them in toss/donate boxes. Select only those plates that are in a good condition and will fit into your new home’s aesthetic. Saving space is an effective strategy that will make your move faster and less costly.

Items to use upon arrival. Put aside some plates for the first few days in the new home. It will help you to adjust and feel less stressed when unpacking will start. We recommend dedicating one or two moving boxes for necessities like cutlery, cups, and bowls.

Plates preparation. Before starting to pack dishes for a move, clean and dry them. No liquid or dirt should be left on the tableware. It could soften the box from the inside and cause damage.

Moving tip: Clean and cover the surface where you will operate on. Lay a heavy duty moving blanket for protection and damage prevention. Professional movers and packers frequently use them for quality service.

What is the best way to pack plates for moving?

Prior to placing the plates inside the box, crush the packing paper to create a 10 cm to 15 cm protective layer at the bottom of the box.

Pack dishes and plates in dish pack moving boxes.

The dish pack is designed to pack your fragile items individually without any additional supplies. It comes as a kit with foam pouches and a firm packing box with dish box cardboard separators. The dishes and plates are being completely covered, no damage will occur during the move inside the moving truck.

Find the dish box here.

Pack dishes using newsprint packing paper/bubble wrap.

Lay flat the pack of packing paper and start wrapping each plate. There are two methods that you can use.

Pack plates in stacks

  • Place your dish in the middle of the newsprint packing paper/bubble wrap.
  • Fold one corner of the paper to cover the plate.
  • Put another dish on top repeating the same action.
  • Do not place more than 5 dishes in one stack.
  • When finished, cover it with the remaining packing paper and place it inside the moving box.

Pack plates individually

  • Wrap each plate individually using newsprint packing paper/ bubble wrap and place it directly in the moving box.
  • Do not pack dishes flat. Always store them vertically. It will help to prevent them from breaking inside the box.

Pack plates for moving without packing paper.

T-Shirts. A great trick to use – wrap your dishes in t-shirts and other pieces of clothing that are large enough to cover the whole plate or two. This method is usable, but not so reliable.

Paper Towels. Usable option, but not so sufficient. One pack of 8 paper towel rolls can cost up to $38. If you already have some left at home, go ahead and use them.

A bathroom or a kitchen towel. By using towels to wrap up the plates, you can knock off two in one.

Pillowcase and bedsheets. If your bedding is not made from a luxury material and you are not afraid to wrinkle it, you can definitely use it to pack dishes for moving. It will not provide full protection, however, a handy method.

Foam plates or bowls. Similar ruling as for paper towels. Use it if you have some left after a party or an event. Will not provide much protection as the plates will still be exposed, however, better than nothing.

Pack dishes and glasses for moving.

To successfully pack dishes and glasses for moving, you should stick to these rules.

  • The heavier items and larger tableware should be placed at the bottom of the box. The thinner and more fragile ones, such as wine glasses, should be placed on the top of the box
  • If you have some more space left at the top of the box, wrap the glasses individually and place them on top of the dishes. Separate them with a layer of crushed sheets of paper for security and fill up any empty spots with more packing paper. Avoid overweighting the box; it should stay liftable and carriable
  • The more delicate and expensive the plates, the more carefully they should be packed: another important rule of how to properly pack plates for moving

Tips on How to Pack Plates for Moving

  • Special cardboard boxes for dishes – dish barrel boxes, are the best solution, although they are not easy to find and are more expensive than ordinary boxes. They are sturdier and designed in such a way that the dishes will have the ultimate protection
  • Buy thick packing tape instead of ordinary tape. To speed up the packing of dishes when moving, you can buy an applicator.
  • You can wrap dishes in regular newspapers, but remember: you’ll have to wash them all after the move. The best option is newsprint packing paper, you can find it here.

Packing for a move is never an easy task. Staying patient and organized is the key to successfully packing dishes for a moving experience. Dedicate extra time and effort to carefully pack every dish to ensure it will safely arrive at your new home.

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