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TipsJanuary 24, 2022

How to Pack Glasses for Moving?

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When packing a house for a move, it is essential to prioritize the safety of the transported possessions. You must thoroughly prepare your belongings for relocation, otherwise, things can be scratched or broken, corners chipped.

Kitchen tableware is one of the most delicate items that must be packed extra carefully – dishes, bowls, plates, jars, mugs, and especially glasses. Packing glasses for a move can become stressful and disorienting if not done correctly. Figuring out how to pack glasses when moving is an issue that Hercules will help you to clear up.

What to do Before Packing glasses for Moving

To successfully pack the glasses, purchase all the essentials for a stress-free experience. You will never lose if you double the materials. Use small and medium boxes.

Tools & equipment:

  • Marker. Purchase a reliable marker that will be thick and well seen. Make sure that it is waterproof to avoid any leaks
  • Scissors. It is best to have large, strong and sharp scissors for quicker work

Packing materials:

  • Dish barrels or Dish boxes. Double-thick walls that provide extra protection is what you need. Both Dish Barrel and Dish pack boxes are undeniably the ideal options for packing glasses for a move. It guarantees the security of your glass valuables
  • Cardboard moving box. If you choose to pack with cardboard moving boxes, remember to double newsprint packing paper for decent protection. Single-layer will not provide enough protection
  • Wrapping paper. Estimate the approximate number of your kitchenware and per each item have at least 3-4 wrapping sheets
  • Bubble wrap. Get a roll or two for fragile glasses like Annealed Glass or Crystal. Bubble wrap is a great solution for great protection
  • Newsprint packing paper. Newsprint is an affordable and safe way to pack items when moving. Choose the perfect size of the newsprint packing paper here. If you choose to use normal newspapers, be ready to rewash the glasses as they can get stained
  • Quality packing tape. A must-have, otherwise, cardboard boxes will fall apart

Where to begin packing glasses for moving?

To successfully pack glasses for a move:

  1. Empty out shelves and check glassware for any damages
  2. Throw away any old or broken pieces
  3. Assemble the boxes and double tape the bottom and the edges of the boxes
  4. Place 10 cm to 15 cm of crushed packing paper at the bottom of the box creating a protective layer
  5. Use cardboard dividers for organized moving. You can purchase kit moving boxes that already come with the cardboard dividers or make them yourself simply by measuring and cutting cardboard sheets

Packing Tip: Crafting dividers yourself will allow you to customize sizes if needed.

What is the best way to pack drinking glasses for moving?

When packing fragile items for a move, you need to be extremely careful and always double-layer for protection. Here are some of the fragile glass types and packing methods.

  1. Position the pack of newsprint packing paper flat on the working surface
  2. Place the drinking glass on the corner of the sheet and start wrapping it moving it to the opposite side
  3. If the glass is relatively thick, you can stop in the middle and place a second glass and continue wrapping. Otherwise, wrap the glass individually and place it inside the moving box facing down

Packing Tip: How to pack glasses in a box safely? Fill up empty space with additional crushed wrapping paper. The box content should not be loose; it must not shift when moved

How to pack a wine glass for moving?

When packing fragile items for a move, you need to be extremely careful and always double-layer for protection. Here are some of the fragile glass types and packing methods.

The best way to pack a wine glass for moving:

  1. Lay down the pack of newsprint packing paper flat on the working surface
  2. Start by wrapping the stem of a wine glass with 2-3 layers of crushed packing paper or bubble wrap, making it the same width as the glass bowl. Wrap it with an additional layer, to be fully covered. Secure it with packing tape to prevent unwrapping
  3. Fill up the wine glass bowl with crushed newsprint packing paper to create support from the inside. Make sure that it is tight and nice
  4. Place the wine glass in the corner of the packing paper and gently wrap it moving to the opposite corner. Now you have created a tube-like structure. Bend the left newsprint paper onto opposite sides of the glass
  5. Place your wine glass into one of the units of the divider inside the moving box facing down. In case you do not have a divider, place your glasses, and place packing paper at the bottom of the box, side of the box and at the top of the box. Likewise, use bubble wrap to wrap the wine glass; it will provide extra safety

If you are wondering “how to pack crystal glasses for moving?” or “how to pack martini glasses for moving?” the answer is simple: Use the same method as for wine glasses! However, the more fragile the glass, the thicker protection it needs.

How to pack other glass items?

How to pack glass jars? Fill it up from the inside with wrapping paper. Wrap it around starting in the corner. Use at least 2-3 layers for safety.

How to pack glass bottles? If the bottle is unevenly shaped, wrap the thin part so it matches the width of the bottom. Wrap the whole bottle around with another layer of packing paper or bubble wrap and place it inside the moving box. If there is any liquid inside the bottle, first, secure it in the zip bag to stop any leaking.

How to pack glass vases for moving? Fill it up from the inside with newsprint paper. Wrap it around starting in the corner. Use at least 3-4 layers for safety.

How do you pack glasses for moving without packing paper?

In case you run out of packing paper or bubble wrap, your household items can be handy:

  • Socks. If the glass is small, use your socks to cover it up. One sock should go on top and the second on the bottom
  • Bedding. Wrap the glasses one by one inside the bedding sheets and pillowcases
  • Towels. Use clean kitchen and bathroom towels to pack glassware inside the moving boxes
  • Clothes. Soft t-shirts and scarves could become a great solution to pack glasses without paper

As the last step of packing drinking glasses and wine/champagne glasses for moving, make sure that all the moving boxes are secured and marked before shipping.

Write in big letters and indicate that the content of the box is fragile. That will indicate that it should not be placed under heavy objects.

Dealing with the packing glasses for moving is a mission and a half, especially if you have no one to help you. Packing a kitchen can take up to 2 full days if working alone. To save yourself from the trouble, it is best to hire a professional moving company to do all the work for you. Call Us At (844) 462-6683 or Get a Free Quote Online.

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