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TipsJanuary 28, 2022

How to Pack Clothes for Moving?

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Although the bright scene of life in a new nest keeps you thrilled, the reality of packing a house for moving can be discouraging and intimidating. Before packing all the heavy and bulky items it only makes sense to declutter all the insides of it: plates and glasses, books, cleaning products, and of course clothes. Understanding how to pack clothes for moving can impressively advance your moving experience.

On the basis of the experience and knowledge of our professional packer, we can confidently share with you the best way to pack clothes for moving, all the packing tips and moving hacks now.

What to do before packing clothes for a move?

Hold the urge to dump everything inside one big box. Practice shows that it makes the moving process only longer and more complex. Movers will complete the job ten times faster when dealing with 20 small boxes rather than 6 big. Remember this moving tip when hiring a professional moving company paid hourly.

Let’s review the following pre-packing clothes steps that you must take to save time and money.

Choose the clothes you need

Be realistic and strict, take only clothes in good condition and frequently worn. There is no compensation for all the money and time you spend on packing clothing items that you will never wear. You can always buy what you need at the new location. The rest should be thrown away, sold, or donated. Organize a garage sale before the moving day, and get some extra cash for your future purchases.

Clean and Repair

It is time for a big laundry. Wash and dry your clothes before packing. If needed, arrange professional dry cleaning services. Shorten pants and mend buttons now, after the move it will take you time to find a good and trusted atelier.


To pack clothes effectively, think of 3 categories: Light clothing, Heavy clothing, and Occasions. Apply it to each person in the household. To quickly allocate upon arrival, use coloured tape to identify a person and a category.

Light clothing. Everything that is light to the touch, worn during the warm weather and at home.

  • Pajamas, underwear, socks, tights, and leggings
  • T-shirts, polo, blouse, thin sweatshirts
  • Summer dresses and skirts
  • Light pants, shorts, and jeans

Heavy clothing. You guessed it right, this category describes seasonal clothing.

  • Outwear: winter jackets and coats
  • Warm sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, and turtlenecks
  • Winter accessories: gloves, hats, and scarves.

Occasions. Anything that is not worn regularly, is delicate and expensive.

  • Luxury brand clothing
  • Uniform
  • Dress Suits
  • Dresses

Note: If one category of clothing does not fill up the whole box, put them together with other clothing items in the listed order

Clothing packing methods

The best way to pack clothes for moving is to choose suitable boxing and bagging methods. The choice of the moving supply must come from the clothing type and material.

Cardboard boxes. The easiest way to pack folded clothes to move is to use cardboard boxes. Boxes are divided into 3 categories: Small – 1.5-2.0 cubic ft, Medium – 3.0-4.0 cubic ft, and Large – 5.0-6.0 cubic ft. Hercules recommends choosing small or medium boxes for clothes basis on our experience. Visit Moving Boxes Online to find THE perfect box

Wardrobe boxes. This type of box is the best way to pack hanging clothes to move. It is a secure way to transport your clothes on hangers avoiding fabric damage. Use it as a temporary closet upon arrival if needed.

Suitcases and Duffel bags. An alternative way to pack clothes for moving is using suitcases and duffel bags. It is easily identifiable, thus, you can pack essential clothes to use on the first days after the move. Include snacks, washroom items, and medicaments.

Vacuum bags. Perfect to pack voluminous clothes to save space. These are the special bags from which air can be pumped out with a vacuum machine. In this way, bulky items such as puffer jackets, blankets, and pillows take up less space.

What is the best way to pack clothes for moving?

Essentially, there are 2 main ways to pack clothes for a move: folding and hanging.

Best way to pack clothes folded

There are multiple folding methods to choose from when packing clothes for a move. Some of them are more time-effective, and others are space-efficient or wrinkle-free. You can implement a method that suits your needs the best. We have identified 4 most efficient folding methods you can use:

  • Flat fold. The best method to use when packing clothes in moving boxes and vacuum bags
  • Military roll. Most space-effective way to pack clothes for moving
  • Bundle packing. The best way to pack clothes without moving boxes
  • KonMari. Folding clothes method for every item in your wardrobe. Learn more here.

For a detailed guide read our article How To Pack Folded Clothes For Moving

Best way to pack hanging clothes

There are 3 main ways to pack clothes on a hanger for a move. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages that you can find in our article How To Pack Hanging Clothes For Moving.

  • Drawstring Trash Bags. Using garbage bags is an accessible and low-cost way to pack hanging clothes for a move. However, be mindful of the pollution when using plastic bags
  • Garment Bags. Secure way to ship clothes for the occasion. Ensure the fabric is made out of a durable material as cotton
  • Wardrobe box. The easiest way to pack hanging clothes for a move. Keeps your clothes vertically inside the moving truck during the move to prevent wrinkles.

How to pack shoes for moving

Hercules advises using the original boxes to efficiently pack shoes for a move. Most likely you do not keep all of the shoe boxes, then the next-best option is to use newsprint packing paper. Wrapping each pair individually and then together, place them inside the small or medium moving boxes.

Do not forget to clean and repair before packing the shoes. Place some crushed wrapping paper inside the shoe to reduce the likelihood of deformation during transportation. For a detailed guide, read our article about How to Pack Shoes for Moving.

Moving hacks to use when packing clothes

  • Start packing early
  • Buy lots of packing paper
  • You could pack and move some clothes into dresser drawers
  • Label boxes and bags with coloured tape or use numbering
  • Place heavy items at the bottom of the box
  • Make a list of what’s in each box, so it’s easier to find what you need right away
  • Prepare a suitcase with all the essentials that will be easy to access
  • The shoes in the box should be placed on their side

Packing clothes for a move can cause lots of stress if you don’t have a plan. Knowing exactly what to do before packing will put you on the right foot for the rest of the process. Once you understand the basic principle of different methods to pack clothes, you will succeed. If you feel as if it might be too hard for you, Hercules is here to help. Call your Moving Coordinator at (844) 462-6683 Now!

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