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The Best 3 Edmonton to Kelowna Movers 2023
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The 3 Best Edmonton to Kelowna Movers that You Can Trust in 2023
Feb 19, 2023·0 min read·61

Are you considering moving from Edmonton to Kelowna? Moving can be an exciting but also a stressful experience if not planned and executed properly. Before deciding on which moving company to hire, there are a few things to consider such as the number of items being moved, full packing services required, long distance moving types and whether or not the company is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers. It's important to choose a reliable mover that will take care of all your belongings properly and make sure they arrive safe in your new city.

When arriving in Kelowna, you'll be able to enjoy its picturesque views, lush green parks and vibrant culture. To make sure that your move goes smoothly, we've done the research for you and selected the 3 best movers from Edmonton to Kelowna so that you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. Read below for more information about each mover!

List of of the Best Montreal to Toronto Moving Companies

Company Name

HMC Van Lines

In Business Since


About HMC

Hercules Moving Company is a new player in the moving industry, having been in business since 2016. Despite being a relatively new company, we have quickly made a name for ourselves with our exceptional packing skills and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our team of skilled movers takes great care in packing and loading each item, ensuring that everything is secured and protected during transit. We also provide various packing materials and boxes, which are designed to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes. Our personalized approach and attention to detail have earned us a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy moving company.

HMC Services

  • Local & Residential Moving
  • Cross-country moves
  • White Glove & Fine Art Delivery
  • International Moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Storage of in-transit items and long-term storage
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Auto and boat transport


  • Privately Owned
  • Updated & Modern Approach
  • Packing Masters
  • All-in Transparent Estimates
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Price Match


  • May not be available in Distant Areas at Specific Dates
  • May not be available to Book Last Minute

Is HMC Van Lines a good moving company?

At Hercules Moving Company, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and tailor our services accordingly. Our commitment to excellence is apparent in every aspect of our business, making us a top choice for those in need of moving services. Despite being a new company, we are dedicated to providing stress-free moving experiences and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

We have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy moving company, committed to providing exceptional packing skills and a personalized approach to customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled movers takes great care in packing and loading each item, using various packing materials and boxes designed to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

Our dedication to excellence is apparent in every aspect of our business, making us a top choice for those in need of stress-free moving services. As a new company in the industry, we remain committed to maintaining our high level of service and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. With our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we are confident in our ability to continue providing exceptional moving experiences to our clients.

Company Name

Allied Van Lines

In Business Since


About Allied

As one of our competitors in the moving industry, Allied Van Lines has built a strong reputation for their extensive range of relocation services aimed at ensuring seamless transitions. They offer both basic and full-service packages for customers moving locally, interstate, or internationally. Although their quotes tend to be on the higher side, the ability to customize their full-service options and their reputation for reliability may make it worth the investment for certain customers. Allied’s pricing structure is based on the weight of items being moved as well as the distance travelled, with an average cost of $3,500 for cross-country moves. Additionally, they offer storage solutions at an additional cost.

Allied Services

  • Corporate relocation
  • Cross-country moves
  • International Moving
  • Storage of in-transit items and long-term storage
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Auto and boat transport


  • Many Agents
  • Extensive coverage and availability
  • A lot of Experience


  • Hidden Costs
  • Most of the Companies you will be working with are Allied Agents
  • Poor Packing & Damaged Items
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Delivery Delays

Is Allied Van Lines a good moving company?

In general, Allied Van Lines appears to be a suitable option for a majority of relocations. Although their prices may seem slightly steep, this should not be regarded as a disadvantage.

From our own perspective Allied Van Lines does poor packing on their jobs. The main reason for this is the amount of Allied Agents, and it is very hard for Allied to make everyone follow one standard. At the same time the company is many years in business and provide great coverage in North America, as well as some other countries abroad.

We advise being cautious of remarkably low prices, as they may indicate a company compromising on quality to cut costs. Opting to pay a bit extra for experienced and proficient movers, particularly for long-distance moves, is a wise investment.

Company Name

Atlas Van Lines

In Business Since


About Atlas

Atlas Van Lines is a moving company that specializes in a range of moving services, including local, long-distance, interstate, and Canadian moves. Their pricing is determined by the weight of items and distance of the move. With 430 agents throughout the United States and Canada, Atlas Van Lines is dedicated to providing quality customer service and personalized moving experiences. Along with personal items, Atlas is equipped to move vehicles and specialty items. While the average cost of a long-distance move with Atlas ranges from $3,000 to $6,000, it's important to note that the cost of each move can vary depending on several factors. Getting a quote from Atlas Van Lines can be a meticulous process, but they offer various discounts to help offset the cost.

Atlas Services

  • Local moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves
  • Military moves
  • Corporate moves


  • Many Agents
  • AAA Members Perks
  • Extensive coverage and availability Across US
  • A lot of Experience


  • Hidden Costs
  • Most of the Companies you will be working with are Atlas Agents
  • Poor Packing & Damaged Items
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Delivery Delays

Is Atlas Van Lines a good moving company?

Atlas Van Lines can be considered a good moving company for certain types of customers. AAA members who require specialized services such as packing and storage can benefit from discounted rates. Furthermore, those who need to transport unusual or bulky items such as pianos and vehicles can also rely on Atlas's expertise.

However, it's important to note that customer service experiences with Atlas Van Lines can vary, and some reviews have mentioned damaged items, so it may be necessary to purchase full-coverage protection.

Overall, while Atlas Van Lines has its advantages, it's important to do further research and consider individual needs and circumstances before choosing a moving company.


After researching three of the best Edmonton to Kelowna movers, it's clear that Hercules Moving Company, Allied Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines are all reliable choices for a safe and stress-free long distance move. While there are pros and cons to each company, they all offer excellent customer service along with packing capabilities fit for any move.

Moving long distances involves more effort in terms of research and planning since you'll be crossing multiple provinces or states. It is therefore important to take the time to find the right mover that is best suited for your needs. Our goal was to provide you with all the information about each mover so that you can make an informed decision about who you choose for your upcoming move. Good luck!

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Hercules was great to work with. They arrived on time, had a team of very competent and friendly guys who treated our possessions with respect, including our piano. They were quick in disassembling and wrapping our furniture and seemed to have a lot of experience with Ikea stuff (which we have a lot of). They worked hard and kept us within the budget. I highly recommend them.
Pranas, Simas, and Remyga did a great job. They were professional, very polite, and strategic. They were very well equipped and well trained. They made the piano moving process quick, stress free, and completed the task very smoothly. Thank you!
Good job. Guys were very pleasant and fast. Everything was clear, no hidden fees. They met all my request.
I called Hercules movers because I needed to transfer furniture from the office in Ottawa to the warehouse in a short time. In response, the moving specialist offered me several payment options, packing materials to purchase and available time slots to choose. Four movers and a truck were required for the relocation, which successfully appeared on the day of the move. Office movers transported everything quickly, nevertheless without the rush. I didn’t assume that all furniture pieces will be received so fast.
I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Edmonton movers. Igor from Hercules answered all my questions and provided a quote that was the best of the five other moving companies I called. The movers arrived promptly and working quickly but with considerable care and had everything packed up much quicker than expected. We were simply blown away by the professional demonstrated by both movers. Very satisfied customer.
Stephanie Thorbahn Myles
Huge shoutout to the 4 men that moved our family this week. After working a long night before on another move these guys came and never stopped. Everything that was not in boxes they wrapped in furniture pads, plastic wrap and packing tape. They later pads all over our new hardwood floors and put all the furniture back together. Great pricing. Thank you Hercules!
I hired this company about month ago to move me into new house. 3 athletic looking guys arrived on-time and did a very good job. Whatever I did not finish packing -they did it for me. Then loaded all my staff into big truck and moved into new house. They were working nonstop. Everything was done very accurately within promised time. Very responsible and polite guys. If happens to move again I certainly will hire them again and of course will recommend this company to my friends. Greater job guys. Thanks a lot.
Homeowner Toronto
Outstanding small moves service. The company exceeded my high expectations! The moving crew members were friendly, efficient, proficient and caring, and worked as a cohesive team.
Gentle Giant
We initially hire Hercules to move our piano, but after our bad experience with our previous mover we hire them for our 2nd move with our entire household content. They were efficient, helpful and most importantly stronger than over mover. They blanketed old furniture and disassembled and reassembled the furniture back in place. They were accommodating and had stair mats and cover on the floor so that we didn't have to do major clean up after the move. We really appreciated their patience in positioning our grand piano into the exact angle we needed in the room. I will recommend them. My elderly mother also hired them and they took care of her move as well. She really appreciated the hassle free experience.
I would highly recommend Burlington movers, they were extremely professional, punctual, and careful. The team worked very efficiently in terms of wrapping, and handling it with prudency and cautiousness. Although they were carrying my piano through a small and narrow hallway ed Victorian home, they were able to do their job with ease and care. They certainly made what i would have thought to be impossible seem easy. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the move, and will definitely use their services in the future. If you're looking for Burlington movers definitely choose the best!
We were looking for help moving between cities and Hercules provided us with stellar service. They were communicative with us and easy to reach leading up to the move to answer any questions. The Victoria movers arrived early and they were efficient, polite, and careful. Hercules took the stress out of the big move and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone! Well worth the money :)
The movers showed up on time and ready to work, they were very efficient and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.
This is a very heavy old piano. Came out of a house in Oakville and was delivered to my house in Toronto. These guys did a great job, went above and beyond to make sure there was no damage to the piano or either of the houses. I was not looking forward to this day, however hiring these professionals made this a great experience! I live in a townhouse with an awkward entrance and tight hallways and these guys ensured they didn't damage anything!From what I saw today, I will definitely recommend these experts to move anything and everything for anyone.A+++++
Our piano was recently moved for the first time after having been in our house for 30 years. I was very impressed with the movers' professionalism, their friendliness and for being patient in their handling of the piano and its delivery to Mississauga. They took their time to use extra padding on this big instrument and also used extra floor covering so as not to scratch the hardwood flooring.I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Absolutely professional, details such as lift it up and not just tip it over. Well packing, cover floor during the placing, clean and tidy.
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