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Centretown movers

Require safe and secure transportation of your possessions and movers that will be on time? Hercules Centretown is here to serve moving tasks including:

  • Household moving
  • Long Distance moving
  • Overseas relocation
  • Freight and Shipping
  • Packing, Unpacking and Installing
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Musical instrument Moving
  • Office relocation

Additionally, you can count on us if you require moving from Centretown to Ottawa, any other province or overseas.

Living in Centretown

Centretown is the neighbourhood right on the south from Downtown and all the way to Highway 417. For census and real estate purposes it consists of itself, Downtown and Golden Triangle. Like the two others, it is one of the most demanded areas to live in whole Ottawa. Besides a couple of parks, it is home to the Canadian Museum of nature which is famous for its architecture and exhibitions. In addition, Ottawa curling club is located in Centertown as well. If you are an immigrant, it is more likely that you have been or will visit one of 13 Embassies of different countries, which are located within the Centertown area. Lastly, this neighbourhood provides a comfortable and close location to the city core where you can find numerous job opportunities. Our local Centertown movers also serve nearby towns including:

  • Lower Town
  • Sandy Hill
  • The Glebe
  • Old Ottawa South
  • Westboro
  • Carlington

Office moving in Centretown

Special technique of local Centretown movers and operational experience let us be adaptable in both office moving and corporate relocation at the same time, so your company will get to work as soon as possible.

Prepare your personnel, or let us do the packing, and schedule for disconnecting electronic devices, disassembling, packing and labelling of office furniture, such as desks, bookcases and filing cabinets.

To complete your relocation, local movers will reassemble and install your belongings in accordance with labelling and office planning so you can enjoy the new office.

Piano moving company Centretown

Have you recently got a piano for yourself? Relocating a piano is a very responsible task and requires the help of qualified Centretown piano movers. Hercules piano movers are a group of time-tested and the most long-lasting experts, who have succeeded in doing a training course to confirm their competence in moving pianos and the variety of heavy assets.

Don’t take risks trying to move your piano by yourself because it may lead to irreversible damage.

Interprovincial moving in Centretown

As Canada is not an old country (in 2018 it celebrated 151 Y.O only), it is very common for people to move around a country, to discover hidden treasures Centretown Canada-wide moving company is trained in a Canada-wide moving services.

Using Movers from Centretown large fleet, Centretown movers are capable of move your belongings to any area of Canada along with confidence and trustworthiness, perhaps even if you really want to move to an empty Northern Territories. Moreover, since the way away is often longer than in-province relocation, all of our professionally trained Centretown movers are paying extra awareness to packaging along with applying a special approach that our Centretown moving corporation established during the years of cross-provincial transportation.

International Moving Services Centretown

HMC Centretown is here to complete the job for you. Relocating internationally is a challenging and often critical move; since the transportation fees are increased, and men and women can not move all of the belongings with themselves, that’s why they occasionally pick to move more valuable things compare to what they would select if they move domestically. Hercules has only the skilled experts in moving who are specializing in global moving as well as in international padding.

With Hercules Centretown expertise in a worldwide moving, we created particular 11 steps-guide for international moving.

  1. Assessing the size of the move
  2. Moving Material Preparation
  3. Padding with a prepared and delivered wrap
  4. Container loading
  5. A cargo forwarding
  6. Shipment tracking
  7. Shipment receiving.
  8. Transporting to a final location
  9. Container unloading.
  10. Staging and unwrapping belongings
  11. Damages Checking

Long-distance relocation company Centretown

Long-distance relocation is one of the services Centretown moving companies provide, which in turn allow you to change an address to anywhere around the globe with easy and simplicity and also with absolutely zero surprises. Innumerable types of consumer or commercial goods and belongings can be easily relocated by skilled movers Centretown. As far as we are preparing everything before fastening in the truck, there is an extremely low risk of breaking belongings. 100% customer satisfaction is in priority for Centretown moving companies, so transport with all of the belongings will be transported with additional care. All belongings will be checked for damage at the moment when Movers from Centretown done the unpacking and staging procedure.

Packing in Centretown

Packing is a fundamental component of the moving process, which consists of:

  1. covering your furniture with clean and durable moving blankets;
  2. packing residential possessions, kitchenware and things that are fragile and easily broken into special moving boxes using acid-free packing paper and packing peanuts.
  3. labeling of all boxes and belongings to maintain order in a moving truck and assure the delivery of all items.

Local Centretown packers and movers are trained to do delicate packing and always come on time, wearing an uniform and being equipped. Based on your preferences, Hercules may propose you various packing options, some of which are: full-service packing, partial packing, fragile only packing and self-packing.

If you are too busy to perform packing and unpacking alone, our specialists will deliver excellent unpacking and installing services at your new dwelling.

Are you searching for high-quality packing materials in Centretown?

Nowadays the packing material is available for any type of items, however, Centretown moving companies will focus on premium and professional materials, which local moving companies Centretown use for our moving services. You might also can easily request them from Movers from Centretown)

  • Special Bubble-wrap,
  • Heavy-duty Shrink-wrap,
  • Heavy-duty Mattress bags,
  • Premium Moving boxes,
  • Special Padding blankets,
  • Special Tape for packing.

Bags for Mattresses

If you check, there are mattress bags to protect your mattresses and spring boxes Mattress bags available in any sizes.


On one side, Shrink-wrap is the most common packaging material, on the flip side on its own it gives the lowest protection because it is actually very thin, just combine it with some other packing material/s like (Bubble-wrap and Moving blankets).

Centretown Corrugated Moving boxes.

Following the plastic bags, the most used in the world packing material is cardboard boxes. Centretown Moving boxes are made in different shape, material and form, but above all of them, the most frequent are cardboard boxes. You can

blend different packing material with boxes, for more protection. As for today, Centretown moving companies supply all types of moving supplies.

Our own Centretown moving industry experts would assist you to pick the correct dimensions for the boxes you need. What is more, they can inform you about the variety of box types accessible, as well as educate you the way to pack them so your belongings will be secured so they will not likely jiggle and break inside. Bringing to your attention, Movers from Centretown are delivering only fresh moving supplies, packages and equipment.

Tape for Packing

Similar to the others packing material, packaging tape provided in countless numbers of a different type. However, for moving, Centretown moving companies advise applying special packaging tape which is simply not that dense as duct tape and also not that thin as paper tape.

Special Moving Blankets

Moving company Centretown is applying Premium Moving Blankets to protect clients’ things and house furniture, simply because they provide the most effective protective characteristics.

Ready to prepare the material? – Call (844) 462-6683 Now and our Centretown moving experts will guide you with the packaging supplies.

Free moving estimates in Centretown, Ontario

To keep providing conclusive quotes, our moving company offers you free in-home estimates provided solely by skilled and experienced relocation consultants. After you fill up the quote with basic information, an agent will get in touch with you and will appoint a free in-home estimate.

Moving from Centretown

We are experienced in relocating people from Centretown, which means you will get maximum out of your relocation, whether the purpose of your move is:

  • You need changes in the surrounding area
  • You want to cardinally change your lifestyle
  • Costs of running a current home are too high
  • You require more space
  • You want to upgrade your dwelling
  • You have got a new job

We are capable of providing storage-in-transit, packing and extra moving services when moving to Centretown, including disassembling, assembling and unpacking. Call us today to get in touch with your customer service manager for moving to Centretown.

Centretown moving quality standards

Being the most progressive movers in Centretown, we have settled our HMC quality standards.

Firstly, we’ve gathered a team of proficient moving specialists, who had passed our training courses, which consist of video coaching and a practical task. In order to keep your flooring fresh and unscathed, Local Centretown movers put runners right before moving begins.

As a result of the fact we own a moving supplies online shop, our company will take the requested amount of high-quality moving and packing materials. Moreover, shrink-wrap is free of charge for the entire relocation.

At HMC Centretown we appreciate both our and your time. That is the reason why our customer service professionals provide excellent support service, and movers are always on schedule!

Moving and storage companies in Centretown

When you’re renovating, downsizing, staging or you’re a business owner, Hercules is competent to accommodate your specific needs for storing and warehousing. Professional moving and storage services include both long-term and short-term variants and can be adjusted for your storage-in-transit, commercial or residential needs.

When looking for the correct storage facility for you, take into consideration the following details:

  • Will the storage be pest controlled?
  • Will my things be insured while in storage?
  • Will the storage be sprinkler-equipped?
  • Will the storage be security monitored?
  • Will the storage be temperature controlled?
  • Do you need private or self-storage?

After you move from Centretown

We will help you to get organized after you relocated by unpacking efficiently, inspecting your personal effects and cleaning your residence. We offer post moving support regarding any inquiry and additional services.

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