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In order to provide the best moving service in , we are carrying everything you need for the move.

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Besides the standard coverage we do provide the Replacement Value Protection plan for our clients. The charge is dependent on the value of the items to be moved. Hercules Moving Company is 100% Bonded & Insured.

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Packing Materials

Every single move includes the protection via Heavy Duty Moving Blankets & Stretch Wrap. However, we also carry great variety of materials, virtually for any piece of furniture. At the same time we offer custom crating/packaging solution.

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Free On-site Estimate

We understand that you might not have time, or your property is too large for the phone conversation. We provide both Physical & Virtual on-site estimates, for your convenience.

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Upfront & Transparent

We tend to provide as much accurate estimates as possible. At the same time we will inform you on potential charges that might happen in certain situations. If you have a question, just give us a call at (844) 462-6683.

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Dedicated Coordinator

When you become our client, you become part of our family! Every client assigned a moving concierge, anything you need from charges explanation to organizing the supplies delivery or debris removal, just inquire your moving coordinator.

Assembly / Disassembly Icon

Assembly / Disassembly

We know how hefty and hard could be the moving day, and dismantling and assembling the furniture not the pleasant things to do when you are tired. We have you covered, and can put all furniture together quick & with no damage.

Airdrie to Saanich movers

Big City Life - Pressure not ease up no matter how hard me try” - is the line from one famous track which actually correctly develops an image of what you could expect by moving from Airdrie, Alberta to Saanich, British Columbia.

Moving from a current town to a new urban center could be complicated because it needs descent preparation. When comparing your new place, you might notice that availability of the same services you might have within your present city, is normally bigger. Any time you relocate to some new city for instance Saanich, you are going to come across more points of interest to check out, along with solutions which might not be available in a present location. But first, let us make the move simplier and easier! Because in most cases, moving from Airdrie requires careful preparation.

In terms of banking institutions, phone, internet, insurance firms; you definitely might have a expansive choice that you can consider from, having said that this could cost not considerably more to have exact same service in Saanich, BC then in Airdrie, AB. Simply check the costs and accessible services beforehand, therefore you will not own any surprising charges, as an installation fee. Furthermore, consider to revise your home address in all appropriate documents, Canada Revenue Agency, services and magazines.

Since you are relocating to the new location very important to arrange your desired location, if perhaps it is a condo or simply an apartment - make certain to book a lift well ahead of time since in Saanich, BC individuals could move in and out at the same time. Not scheduling a lift in advance might bring rising your charge meant for moving services since movers will need to wait right up until the elevator is prepared. We have witnessed scenarios when the elevator was not reserved before hand and consequently, wasn’t accessible whatsoever, when needed. In case it is a house / townhouse have a look on the distance between the parking spot and your door as well as the quantity of floors your house has. The above can be what you are looking to remember, and do not miss to talk about it to your moving coordinator while browsing for the cross-provincial or community moving services. You don’t have to stress with regards to any of potential moving problems - Hercules Moving Company has industry covered, we are going to remember about any important occasions in advance of the move.

For each client who's going to be moving from Airdrie, Alberta to Saanich, BC movers Airdrie offer an all-inclusive total wrapping which provides the very best protection attributes for your valuables. By the full packaging, we lead to that every large and small items of your things is going to be cautiously packed using the combo of packing products. Furthermore, professional movers control virtually all items along with an additional attention to carpeting / flooring plus wall surfaces. Your neighborhood moving movers also developed a comprehensive fastening method which allow Hercules Moving Companies to secure your items, in such a way not to ruin them, during the time when in vehicles. Typically individuals are actually heading to cities for example Saanich, British Columbia because of college or university / school, friends and family and career, but maybe you have several other unique causes for such a challenging move.

Once people arrive to Saanich, they are pleasantly surprised how quicker may be the lifestyle in a new town. Despite the insane rush, compare and contrast to your present city, new town may have larger wages along with hundreds career opportunities. Together with the above, you could possibly increase your individual network with useful contacts in several career fields or even gain monetary freedom within 1 year. The moment you will think about buying a boat - dont forget about developing a marine.

Saanich to Airdrie Movers

Changing your current big city life to a tranquil place could possibly be complicated and actually requires you to organize in the beginning of your move. Local, industrial and residential Airdrie moving companies will certainly help you with all of your shipping, packing, moving and transportation preferences, within your relocate from Saanich, BC to Airdrie, AB.

When you are interested in moving from Saanich, BC to Airdrie, Alberta experienced residence movers can provide you with the all-inclusive packing, which implies that every single element of your things are going to be protected utilizing the mix of moving supplies, normally "materials" are shrink-wrap, moving blankets and containers to deliver additional protection for your valuables our coached workers will even make use of bubble wrap and custom made packaging

It is not a secret that land or in fact every transportation entails properly secured and fixed things inside trailer, because they can move plus roll inside, during the travel and turns. To stop virtually any items dents when going from Saanich, BC to Airdrie, AB we will strap and secure every one of your property. Additionally, moving blankets definitely will protect your valuables from the environmental exposures to dust, dirt and humidity. Possibly people are going to have different arguments for a such dependable move to Airdrie, but if you end up moving from the current urban center to your new city - Be all set! It might be nicer that you could assume. On the one hand, there could possibly be fewer infrastructure and even attractions which might make you a little unexciting, however, on the contrary you will find that It is typical for people to consider that living inside Airdrie city is reduced and boring - it is could be valid regarding amusement along with national infrastructure, but the real is just the opposite - certainly, you will find plenty of rewards as well. Living in Airdrie may benefit you with the following: Cleaner Air, More calm Population, The outdoors Setting, More Free Time. Maybe there is going to be a reduced amount of movies, fine cafes and even some other sites, but you can create your individual points of interest, you actually had actually wished, because at your new place you'll more room for your individual growth. All of the above became the reality thanks to the Canada’s fairly modest population of ~ thirty seven Mill, which is to be found inside significant cities, along the southern edge. There are plenty of towns in which shall be no considerably more then One Hundred Thousands of locals.

Additionally, generally towns such as Airdrie, which might be suitable for growers and farmers. You can find approximately 247 thousands farms in Canada. In actual fact, you can easily end up as a component of that massive family. In addition, you may find men and women inside towns like Airdrie, Alberta are actually easier and sociable. They don’t rush to shop for a espresso at dawn - In fact, they'll not dash at all. In addition, should you need any kind of assist in packing, shipping as well as moving - Localized business and residential moving companies Airdrie, Alberta will help you to do the relocation if you are moving somewhere in the same area; need packaging as well as shipment solutions.

Moving Yourself vs Moving Company from Airdrie to Saanich

Questioning yourself whether to select reliable movers or to rent a truck at Discount and to perform a DIY move between Airdrie and Saanich, BC? There’s an individual situation when a self-move is the right alternative, but when it comes to a long distance move, it is generally more efficient to hire experienced movers regarding expenses, resolving difficulties throughout shipping and the quality of packaging.

Before making your choice, take a look at aspects that represent the benefits of moving with experts.

Truck Rental

When renting the Discount truck, many people skip extra expenses related to mileage, fuel, insurance, time of the year, tolls and the number of days needed. When all of those spendings are taken into account, renting a truck isn’t always the bargain it seems to be.

Is it better to move with my friends?

No, only if you have assured you and your friends can pack, move and unpack your possessions with enough efficiency and professionalism. In case you need special help with heavy items or appliances, it’s better to hire professional moving helpers.

Moving Insurance

If you think about renting a moving truck at Discount, you’ll have to purchase rental truck supplemental coverage and limited coverage for your possessions from your home insurance company.

Licensed moving companies provide liability insurance for your belongings, which means you do not need to pay extra to be covered from loss and damage to your possessions. Basic carrier insurance is 0,60$ per pound. On the other hand, for an additional fee, it’s possible to choose one of the mover’s insurance plans, some of which may be:

  • $5 per pound;
  • $10 per pound;
  • Full value protection based on the declared value.
Packing for moving out of Airdrie

If you’re looking for skillful, attentive to details and uniformed packers, we will provide you with our best packers and movers Airdrie, Alberta to do precise packing of any size and type of your upcoming relocation from Airdrie to Saanich, BC. Based on your preferences, our moving coordinators will propose you several options of packing services, some of which are partial packing, self-packing, fragile only packing and full-service packing.

After all, our unpackers will help to unwrap and unpack your belongings fast and carefully, so you don’t have to spend valuable time performing it yourself. Not to mention, if you consider packing yourself, most of the reputable movers may be not responsible for the damage of possessions that you have packed by yourself.

Moving Supplies in Airdrie, AB

No successful long-distance relocation goes without the quality moving supplies and professional equipment, including a four-wheel moving dolly, moving floor runners and moving blankets. Movers bring their own equipment for the moving task and deliver all the moving supplies, including tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes, moving cartons, and wood shipping crates directly to your location.

Consolidated Move from Airdrie to Saanich

You can benefit in considerable savings on your moving expense by moving with movers, which will place your personal effects and the assets of another customer on the same truck.

A consolidated move from Airdrie to Saanich, British Columbia can be billed based on the amount of space used on the truck (cubic feet) or calculated by the weight of your possessions.

Bottom Line

Moving yourself does not necessarily mean saving money. Moreover, numerous benefits take place when hiring moving assistants, which worth a second look. Basically, you are paying moving companies for the less stress and more time to concentrate on other things related to the relocation.

Business moving

Office moving

Airdrie to Saanich office moving suggests a comprehensive course of actions to match your budget, timing and dates, to help getting your employees to work quickly.

Get your personnel ready, or let us do the packing, and schedule for disassembling office furniture and disconnecting office equipment, such as phones, fax machines, printers and computers.

Warehouse relocation from Airdrie to Saanich

A warehouse relocation from Airdrie to Saanich is a large-scale action as a result of the equipment necessary for the move, the quantity and the type of inventory between them. When processing your stock, we will arrange and catalogue all of your goods, ship, move and receive the goods at your new warehouse.

Corporate relocation services

If you require to relocate your employees, consider taking advantage of trustworthy corporate relocation services from Airdrie to Saanich. Moving your employees with excellent employee relocation services will save time and energy of your employees, and will also result in a positive impact on their efficiency.

Shipping Airdrie from/to Saanich, British Columbia

If you are choosing the right carrier to take care of your shipments between Airdrie and Saanich, it’s a good variant to employ moving companies that make use of the same route.

Hercules Moving Company transports household and commercial freight from Airdrie to Saanich, which means we’ll help you even with small yet valuable LTL shipping, ranging from a single box to several pallets.

Vehicle shipping Airdrie from/to Saanich

Ensure the safe and secure transferring of your vehicle by utilizing efficient services of HMC, which offers a large selection of tasks and regularly deal with clientele who are shipping their car from Airdrie to Saanich. Shipping your vehicle on a car hauler isn’t only the most economical method of vehicle delivery but also the safest.

Besides cars, our company also ships lots of other types of vehicles, such as farm equipment, motorcycles, vintage cars, jet skis, RV vehicles and many more.

Hercules Movers are carrying Furniture
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Packing Options

Based on our customers needs we have created 3 Packing Packages you can choose from, it is also fine if you pack yourself.
$14 - $300
Selected Items Packing
Great for people who want to pack themselves, however wish not to risk for valuables
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Art / Statues
  • Antique Furniture
  • High Value Items
from $500
Full Packing
Get an all-inclusive service, you wouldn’t even dream about doing something
  • Kitchen Packing
  • Closets Packing
  • Knick-Knacks Packing
  • Packing of Everything Else
$300 - $900
Fragile-only Packing
Great for people with a lot of crockery, glass cabinets or just fragile items
  • Glass/Fragile Furniture Packing
  • Extra Fragile Items Crating
  • Pictures Packing
  • Kitchen Packing
How Hmc Moves
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For over 15 years we are delivering high class moving services to people moving from or to North America. Take a peek on how we do it right here.
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Shipment Protection

We are like no-one else understand how valuable all of your belongings could be. We are happy to offer you with a two value protection options for your shipment.

Basic Protection Image
Basic Protection

Basic Protection

The standard coverage that is mandatory for every client. It is based on the weight of the item.

  • $0.60 per Pound
  • Included in Every Project
  • Free of Charge

We are still going to wrap all furniture in heavy duty moving blankets.

Full Replacement Value Protection Image
Full Replacement Value Protection

Full Replacement Value Protection

If you wish to protect the monetary value of the shipment, you can opt in to Full RVP Plan.

  • Coverage up to $2,000,000
  • Easy and Straightforward claim process
  • In the case of the damage/loss, you will get 100% item replacement/repair or compensation based on its value.
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Very professional movers. They did a fantastic job helping us move into our home. Thank you very much for the terrific customer service. Highly recommend and will use them again.
Thank you so much Hercules! I contacted them on a Friday, and Monday 8 guys showed up and put together everything I had in one day! This is not our first time using Hercules Moving, it's actually our third. They are kind, understanding and professional. Most importantly, they get the job done in an efficient manner. Thanks again from this repeat customer!
The team at Hercules was fantastic. They treated my furniture with such respect. Thank you for all your hard work and endless hours! Highly recommendable!
Having been taken in the past by other moving companies with last minute charges and other last minute surprises, we were so pleasantly surprised by the professional work of this company. They were on time, never slowed down to generate extra hours. They explained everything clearly to my wife and delivered all of the items promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They might be a little bit more in cost but are worth every penny. A job extremely well done.
Gita Banks
I hired Hercules Moving to move our family from Toronto out to the Halton Hills area. Our move was complicated involving multiple phases, and I hired Hercules to do all our packing, storage, moving (including our family piano), and partial set-up. I cannot say enough about the various teams from Hercules that did all this work. Every single team member was highly professional, unbelievably hard-working, trustworthy, and most of all very concerned that we as the client were satisfied with everything. These Toronto movers was the single greatest contributor to making our move as smooth and painless as possible. Thank you to the Hercules team for your diligence, hard work and professionalism. I plan to recommend them to anyone I know who needs a mover in the future!
Absolutely professional, details such as lift it up and not just tip it over. Well packing, cover floor during the placing, clean and tidy.
I had to move my entire food operation in a day. Hercules quoted me quickly and showed up on site 2 days later ready to move. I was worried about all my expensive and sensitive machinery but they pulled it off safely and without issue. Very reasonably priced and highly recommended. Great Oakville movers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t you already have some questions? It’s Great if you Do! Take a look on a most popular questions below, and you might find an answer now.

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How to Pack for a Move?
Moving house is a mission that can not be overlooked. Life is an unpredictable correlation of events that will force you to pack up stuff and move to Mars at some point.
How To Pack Kitchen For Moving?
How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving?
One of the biggest challenges when packing a home for moving is self-discipline and not getting overwhelmed. Packing the kitchen for moving is not an easy job, the number of items is almost uncountable. It is easy to lose track, give up or go with the flow when wondering how to pack kitchen stuff for moving. Hercules is ready to share with you our professional packing tips and moving tricks to help you in your journey.
How to Pack Shoes for Moving - HMC Moving Blog
How to Pack Shoes for Moving?
Moving house is quite a large-scale event. Even if we simply consider moving things from one apartment to another within the same neighbourhood. How to properly pack shoes when moving, so you do not have to buy new ones? Hercules specialists know the answer.
How to Pack China for Moving?
How to Pack Dishes for Moving?
Plates must be adequately and securely packed, stacked and secured so nothing can break or be damaged during the move. Realistically, the best solution to save time and nerves - trusting this work to professional movers with sufficient experience.
How to pack books for Moving?
How to Pack Books for Moving?
Packing a house for a move is not that scary, although, some say that moving is tantamount to a fire. Sometimes the chaos and disorder that arise inside the rooms are frightening.
How to Pack Folded clothes for Moving?
How to Pack Folded Clothes for Moving?
Packing clothes for moving is never an easy task. Gathering all the clothes, sorting them out, and finally arranging them so you can find them again at your new place can cause a loss of a thousand nerve cells. Hercules prepared a guide on how to pack clothes so they don’t wrinkle during the move.
How to pack Hanging Clothing for Moving
How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving?
After familiarizing ourselves with the nuances of packing clothes for moving, we are ready to dive into an equally important topic - how to pack clothes on hangers for moving. There are several aspects that will be covered to identify the easiest way to pack and move hanging clothes.
Moving to Australia
If someone offers to “slip an extra shrimp on the barbie” for you, do not rush to call the police. It is just friendly Australians inviting you for a fun social gathering on a warm, crisp and clear Australian December.