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Fine Art Moving

Hercules goes the extra mile to ensure that all of your most valuable art is protected. Expert wrapping and packaging methods start the highest quality moving & packing materials. Our mover training program ensures that every team has an expert who can safely pack any item so it arrives in the same condition it left.

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Crating & Taxidermy

Hercules can build custom measured crates and containers to meet your specific long distance shipping needs. If you are moving, and have a taxidermy collection, the experts at HMC can help. Our crateless system is effective for securing any type or size of trophy.

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Fragile Packing

To avoid damage to fragile items during a long-distance move to your new residence, office or storage unit Hercules will use all the right materials and implement the proper packing techniques for maximum protection.

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Furniture Handling

With the right training and proper equipment, your furniture will be handled safely in any situation.

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Furniture Protection

Not all furniture is the same size. Hercules uses various materials to prepare furniture for moving: moving blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap, or alligator wrap. HMC movers and packers will pack your furniture the right way.

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Movers in Lefaivre

We perform an extensive list of relocation services because of our exceptional knowledge and substantial experience in the moving industry.

We may take care of any of the moving tasks including:

  • Residential moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Across Canada moving
  • International relocation
  • Specialized Moving
  • Packing, Unpacking and Installing
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Musical instrument Moving

Furthermore, we will arrange your move from Lefaivre to Ottawa, any other city or Canadian province.

Living in Lefaivre

Lefaivre is a francophone hamlet that is a part of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet. The Franco-Ontarian community represents approximately 90 % of the population. Lefaivre is located on the south shore of the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Montreal. The main local facilities include Catholic Elementary School and St. Joseph Community Center. White Day, a winter event organized by the Lions Club, is held on the Ottawa River at Lefaivre. Local Lefaivre movers also cover neighbouring communities of:

  • L'Orignal
  • Hawkesbury
  • Alfred
  • Cumberland
  • Alexandria
  • Maxville

International Moving Service Lefaivre

Movers from Lefaivre are here to assist. Relocating worldwide is a challenging and occasionally critical move; because the transportation expenses are higher and individuals can not take all of the belongings with them, so they occasionally decide on to relocate more valuable belongings compare to what they will select if they move locally. Hercules Moving Company Lefaivre have only the skilled professional movers who are specializing in international moving as well as in intercontinental wrapping.

With HMC know-how in an international freight-forwarding we created invented special 11 steps-tactic for an intercontinental moving, which consists of:

  1. Assessing the size of a moving job needed to be done
  2. Preparing the material
  3. Wrapping with a prepared and delivered material
  4. Container stacking
  5. A cargo shipping
  6. Tracking a shipment
  7. Receiving a shipment.
  8. Bringing to a chosen address
  9. Shipment unloading.
  10. Unpacking and Staging belongings
  11. Damage checking

Moving and storage companies Lefaivre

Lefaivre movers provide custom storing and warehousing services both as a supplement to our traditional moving services and as a single solution. Reliable moving and storage services involve both long-term and short-term periods and can be adapted for your storage-in-transit, commercial or residential requirements.

At the time you will be selecting the proper storage facility in Lefaivre for you, pay extra attention to the following details:

  • Do you need private or self-storage?
  • Will the storage be temperature controlled?
  • Will the storage be security monitored?
  • Will the storage be pest controlled?
  • Is the storage sprinkler-equipped?
  • Will your effects be insured while in storage?

Office movers in Lefaivre

Lefaivre office moving assumes a complete course of action to match your timetable, budget and terms, not to disturb your business. Experienced business movers Lefaivre will arrange your moving day by disconnecting electronic devices and relieving the contents of office furniture including, some of which are desks, bookcases and filing cabinets.

If you require relocation of your personnel from Lefaivre to another province or country, Hercules Moving Company Lefaivre offers flexible interprovincial and overseas corporate relocation.

Moving to Lefaivre

Whether it is a regional move to Lefaivre or interprovincial move from Lefaivre, we will be glad to organize your move.

We are able to provide storage-in-transit, packing and other moving services when moving to Lefaivre, including crating, unpacking and installing.

Let us make your dream of moving to Lefaivre come true in the most effective way.

HMC Lefaivre quality standards

We had invested a lot of time and efforts in refining HMC quality standards, which help us to provide excellent moving services in Lefaivre.

First of all, our Lefaivre group include competent moving specialists, who had passed our training courses. In order to keep your flooring flawless and unscratched, Local Lefaivre movers set runners exactly at the start of the move. For packing purposes, we provide absolutely free shrink-wrap and an assortment of perfect condition moving and packing materials that you can order beforehand.

Punctuality is what differentiates us from other Lefaivre moving companies. This is why our managers provide clear customer support service, and movers are always on time!

Cross-provincial moving services in Lefaivre

As Canada is relatively young country (in 2018 it celebrated 151 years old only), it is very common for residents to change address into a different province, who are left with no choice due to different circumstances (job, family, financial, leisure) and so on. Lefaivre Canada-wide moving company is professionally trained in interprovincial moving services.

Using Movers from Lefaivre massive fleet, movers Lefaivre are able to relocate your items to any specific piece of Canada along with assurance and trustworthiness, perhaps even when you wish to switch to an empty Northern Territories. Furthermore, since the mileage is in most cases a bit longer than local moving, our trained Lefaivre movers are paying additional attention to packaging along with applying an exceptional method which our Lefaivre moving organization developed during the many years of Canada-wide transportation.

Lefaivre piano moving

Plan to buy a piano for a new home? Moving a piano is a highly delicate job and demands the assistance of qualified Lefaivre piano movers.

Hercules piano movers are a group of the most durable professionals, who have completed a training course to confirm their skills in moving musical instruments and the variety of heavy prized possessions. Whether you have an upright or a grand piano, it can weigh up to 1400 lbs, and it is not reasonable to experience transporting it yourself as it may lead to irreversible damage.

Packing in Lefaivre

Packing is a primary component of the moving process, which combines:

  1. Wrapping your furniture with clean and durable blankets;
  2. Packing household items, kitchenware and things that are fragile and easily broken into special moving boxes using acid-free packing paper and filling peanuts.
  3. Labeling of all cartons and effects to keep order in a moving truck and ensure the delivery of all items.

Lefaivre packers and movers are skilled in careful packing and always come on time, wearing an uniform and being equipped. Hercules offers various packing options that are based on your preferences and include: full-service packing, partial packing, fragile only packing and self-packing.

If you are too busy to do packing and unpacking yourself, our unpackers will deliver excellent unpacking and installing services at your new home.

Long-distance moving company Lefaivre

Long-distance relocation is one of the services Moving company Lefaivre offers to Quebec/Ontario inhabitants, which will make it possible to move around the world with simplicity as well as with absolutely no surprises. Any types of consumer and commercial belongings will be relocated by uniformed movers Lefaivre. Movers Lefaivre provide an all-inclusive long-distance relocation service, which guarantees that all of your belongings will be wrapped with a moving material, fastened in the truck, and protected with extended insurance. Movers Lefaivre are also transporting the belongings with extra care, as Movers from Lefaivre providing a full customer satisfaction. All pieces will be checked for damage at the moment when Moving companies in Lefaivre completed the unpacking.

Get Lefaivre moving materials online.

Nowadays the packing material is available for any type of items, however, Lefaivre Movers will focus on premium and professional materials, which local moving companies in Lefaivre use for our transportation services. (You can actually order them right from Lefaivre moving companies, too.)

  • Professional Shrink-wrap,
  • Professional Bubble-wrap,
  • Special Packing tape,
  • Premium Padding blankets,
  • Professional Carton boxes,
  • Heavy-duty Mattress bags.

Bags for Mattresses

If you check, there are mattress bags to shield your bed mattresses and spring boxes Mattress bags available in just about any sizes.


On one side, Shrink-wrap is typical packaging material, on the flip side on it's own it gives you minimal protection simply because it is actually very thin, just apply it to lower the volume of any sort of soft objects, sofas and bedroom pillows

Corrugated Moving boxes in Lefaivre.

Just after the plastic bags, widely known across the world packing material is boxes. Lefaivre Moving cardboard boxes are manufactured in any shape, form and material, but above all of them, the most frequent are cardboard boxes. You could mix different packing material with boxes, for extra protection. As for today, Movers from Lefaivre offer every type of moving supplies.

Additionally, when you work with an Lefaivre moving company to move your things and you have not organized the new moving boxes but opted in with used retail boxes - it is a high chance that it will require local movers Lefaivre much longer working hours to finish the job. Alternatively, get brand-new moving boxes online or from Lefaivre moving companies with the selected dimensions and sorts, then professional Lefaivre movers will carry more belongings at the same time and stack them in a truck with no trouble.

Special Moving Tape

Similar to the many others packing material, packing tape features tons of various types. But, for moving, Movers Lefaivre suggest using particular packaging tape which is not that dense as duct tape as well as not that thin as paper tape.

Padding Transportation Blankets

Moving company Lefaivre is working with Special Moving Blankets to protect clients' items and house furniture, because they deliver the best protective characteristics.

Are you ready to prepare your material? - Call (844) 462-6683 Now and our Lefaivre moving experts will guide you with the moving supplies.

What the moving process with Hercules is like?

All moves are different because we serve our clients individually. Nevertheless, there's a script of how the perfect relocation with Hercules happens:

  1. The dedicated manager will get in touch with you via a telephone call when you complete a quote.
  2. We will send you a personal estimate in writing.
  3. Movers and packers do labelling, packing and other preparation services.
  4. Moving specialists will do the loading of your items and develop the inventory list.
  5. Based on your needs, we will offer storage or warehousing facilities.
  6. Moving In
  7. Unpacking of your furniture and boxes

In case there's any damage to your belongings, do not be worried. We are a bonded and insured company.

No-obligation in-home estimates in Lefaivre

To keep providing conclusive quotes, our moving company offers you free in-home estimates provided exclusively by skilled and experienced relocation consultants. After you fill in the essential contact information, our manager will contact you and determine for a free in-home estimate, which can also be obtained through the phone consultation.

Hercules Movers are carrying Furniture
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Why Choose

Hercules Moving Company ?


Besides the standard coverage we do provide the Replacement Value Protection plan for our clients. The charge is dependant on the value of the items to be moved. Hercules Moving Company is 100% Bonded & Insured.
Moving Insurance & Replacement Value Protection - Hercules Moving Company

Assembly Disassembly

We know how hefty and hard could be the moving day, and dismantling and assembling the furniture not the pleasant things to do when you are tired. We have you covered, and can put all furniture together quick & with no damage.
Assembly Disassembly - Hercules Moving Company

Dedicated Coordinator

When you become our client, you become part of our family! Every client assigned a moving concierge, anything you need from charges explanation to organizing the supplies delivery or debris removal, just inquire your moving coordinator.
Dedicated Coordinator - Hercules Moving Company

Packing Materials

Every single move includes the protection via Heavy Duty Moving Blankets & Stretch Wrap. However, we also carry great variety of materials, virtually for any piece of furniture. We also offer custom crating/packaging solution.
Packing Materials - Hercules Moving Company

Free On-Site Estimate

We understand that you might not have time, or your property is too large for the phone conversation. We provide both Physical & Virtual on-site estimates, for your convenience.
Free Virtual and Physical On-Site Estimate - Hercules Moving Company

Upfront & Transparent

We tend to provide as much accurate estimates as possible. At the same time we will inform you on potential charges that might happened in certain situations. If you have a question, just give us a call at (844) 462-6683.
Upfront & Transparent - Hercules Moving Company

Shipment Protection

We are like no-one else understand how valuable all of your belongings could be. We are happy to offer you with a two value protection options for your shipment.

Basic Protection Image
Basic Protection

Basic Protection

The standard coverage that is mandatory for every client. It is based on the weight of the item.

  • $0.60 per Pound
  • Included in Every Project
  • Free of Charge

We are still going to wrap all furniture in heavy duty moving blankets.

Full Replacement Value Protection Image
Full Replacement Value Protection

Full Replacement Value Protection

If you wish to protect the monetary value of the shipment, you can opt in to Full RVP Plan.

  • Coverage up to $2,000,000
  • Easy and Straightforward claim process
  • In the case of the damage/loss, you will get 100% item replacement/repair or compensation based on its value.
Hercules Movers are carrying Furniture
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The team came in and did a great job moving our grand piano from the second floor to the main level. It took a while for the team to assess how to do it but when they brought in the cavalry to help out it was quite impressive to see them get the job done. I would definitely recommend this happy bunch!
Hercules moved my piano from an old bungalow to the second floor of my place. At the old house, there was tricky stairs and front yard fence to navigate. At the new place, there was a tall set of stairs which they had to move this heavy piano up. It definitely looked exhausting, but they did a great job and I'm very happy with their service.
Discipleof Christ
The Hercules moving crew did an amazing, fantastic job in moving my mother's upright piano. The two brothers crew are incredibly strong, expedient, courteous, and professional. The company gave the best quote, the fastest appointment booking, and was the most polite when compared to all the other piano moving companies I called in Toronto and the GTA. I absolutely recommend this company for anyone who needs to have their piano and/or heavy objects moved.
You guys were totally amzing, I had hired two other piano movers prior and both companies had difficulties moving the piano. But your crew had no difficulties. They were very carful, fast clean and so nice to talk too. I did post pictures on Face Book and people wanted your number from me. I will highly recommend you GREAT JOB.Thank You
Professional and hardworking. I’ve used them many times and would highly recommend for storage Toronto services and moving services! They’re the best in Toronto.
Should u have any questions feel free to contact Hercules, they are always happy to help! I had moved my piano a few times before I discovered this amazing company. With previous companies each move brought about new complications- but the kind of work ethic and professionalism I saw with this company-it was like something out of fairy tale! I was not stressed at all, as opposed to my previous moves with other companies. Everything was done so perfectly, carefully, and cleanly. This is an amazing team-like the real Hercules. They were strong, fast, polite, pleasant and very responsible. Their work was completely fantastic. They packed my piano so well it looked as though it was done in the factory, and carefully and quickly loaded it up. Everything about the move was quick and easy, and in no time my piano was resting in my new home. I would recommend this VIP company to everyone! HERCULES IS NUMBER 1 IN CANADA!Thank u guys so much! Kira, Toronto
Have used Hercules Moving for 2 work related circumstances. Extremely professional, cautious and timely. I would have no hesitation to recommend this company to others. They are my go to company from now on.

Storage Service

We have our own network of secure and climate-controlled storage facilities all around the country. We could provide with Short or a Long-term Storage, in the case your destination property is not ready yet for a move-in.

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Storage 1

Moving Companies Near Lefaivre

Here you can find local movers in your area.

Opening Hours

8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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