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Vanier moving service

Being a full-scale moving company, we offer wide variety of moving and storage help. Local movers can take care of any of the moving tasks including:

  • Apartment and Condo moving
  • Commercial relocation
  • Packing
  • Moving and Storage
  • Cross Country moving
  • Overseas relocation
  • Freight and Shipping
  • Upright and Grand piano moving

Moreover, you can rely on us if you require moving from Vanier to Ottawa, any other city or province.

Living in Vanier

At the Ottawas’ east end located Vanier neighbourhood, on the east bank of the Rideau River. Historically it used to be a Francophone city, however, after amalgamation, the different nationalities started living there. It has a significant population of nearly 17,000 people, compared to its total area of only 2.93km3. The neighbourhood is trendy among the youth as it is the last inexpensive neighbourhoods next to Ottawas’ downtown. In addition, it offers a wide spectre of retail shops, malls, restaurants and bars. In spring The Urban Maple Sugar Festival is held in the city, during which you can try a variety of maple infused dishes and even replenish your stock. Our local Vanier movers also serve nearby towns including:

  • Gloucester
  • Gatineau
  • Lower Town
  • Sandy Hill
  • The Glebe
  • Ottawa

Vanier Long-distance relocation

Vanier moving companies offer a long-distance relocation, which will let you change an address to anywhere around our small planet with ease as well as having absolutely no headaches. A variety of consumer and commercial goods will be moved by trained movers Vanier. As concerns our company is wrapping all of your belongings before placing in the truck, there is completely no risk of damaging furniture. Movers Vanier are also transporting the belongings with extra attention, as Moving companies Vanier focused on full customer satisfaction. At the final destination, Movers Vanier will make sure that all belongings in their original condition.

Vanier International Moving Companies

Our company is here to help. Moving globally is a challenging and often vital move; since the transportation charges are higher and men and women can not move all of the belongings with themselves, due to that fact they occasionally select to move the much more important items compare to what they would select if they move regionally. Our company have only the skilled professional movers who are specializing in international moving as well as in intercontinental padding.

With HMC expertise in a global freight-forwarding, our company created developed special eleven steps-tactical-plan for an intercontinental moving.

  1. Assessing the size of a moving job needed
  2. Preparing the moving material
  3. Wrapping with delivered packages
  4. Truck loading
  5. International shipping a shipment
  6. Shipment tracking
  7. Shipment receiving.
  8. Delivering to a chosen location
  9. Shipment unloading.
  10. Belongings Unpadding.
  11. Checking for malfunctions.

Vanier piano movers

Moving to a new home with your valued musical instrument? Relocating a piano is a highly delicate job and demands the help of qualified Vanier piano movers. Local piano movers propose outstanding piano transferring in Vanier, which assumes a time-tested wrapping technique together with skills and commitment of our pros.

Whether you have a grand or an upright piano, it may weigh up to 1250 lbs, and it’s not recommended to experience moving it by yourself as it may lead to irreversible damage.

Vanier office moving

Flawless organization of local Vanier movers and operational expertise allow us to be adaptable both in office moving and corporate employee relocation at once so your enterprise will get to work as soon as possible.

In order to arrange your moving day, our company will send highly skilled movers and packers to disassemble office furniture, disconnect, pack and label electronic devices, such as computers, phones, printers and fax machines. If you require to move your company from Vanier to another province or country, we offer adjustable interprovincial and overseas corporate relocation.

Vanier Interprovincial moving services

Canada is the #2 largest country in the world, and the total area is 3,855,100 sq mi, but the whole population of the country is only around 38.000.000. That means only one – in Canada, you can go everywhere, literally any metropolis in any province. When you have decided on the adventure – to move into yet another province phone, the interprovincial moving company from Vanier and local movers will help you to move with no problems.

With Movers from Vanier massive transportation park, our Vanier movers are capable to move your belongings to any specific part of Canada along with confidence and trustworthiness, perhaps even when you wish to relocate to an empty Northern Territories. Moreover, as the distance is in most cases a bit longer than regional relocation, our highly trained Vanier movers are paying extra awareness to packing and using an exclusive approach which our Vanier moving company established during the many years of Canada-wide transportation.

Vanier movers and storage

We provide custom storing services both as a supplement to our classic moving services or as an individual option. You can trust us if you are looking for residential, storage-in-transit or commercial storage in Vanier for both short and long-term period.

At the time you will be choosing the appropriate storage facility in Vanier for you, pay close attention to the following details:

  • Will your belongings be insured while in storage?
  • Is the storage sprinkler-equipped?
  • Is the storage pest controlled?
  • Is the storage security monitored?
  • You need private or self-storage?
  • Is the storage climate controlled?

Free in-home estimates in Vanier

In order to keep providing decisive quotes, our moving company offers you free in-home estimates provided only by skilled and experienced customer service representatives. After you fill in a basic piece of information, our coordinator will contact you and will appoint a free in-home estimate, which may also be taken through the telephone consultation.

Packing in Vanier

Packing is a key component of the moving process that combines:

  1. wrapping your furniture pieces with clean and durable moving mats;
  2. packing household effects, kitchenware and fragile items into moving boxes with the help of ink-free packing paper and filling peanuts.
  3. labeling of all cartons and furniture items to maintain order in a moving truck and ensure the delivery of all items.

If you are looking for uniformed, skilled and accurate packers in Vanier, we will ensure you have our best movers and packers Vanier to do accurate packing of any size and type of your approaching relocation.

Based on your preferences, we may present you various packing options including full-service packing, partial packing, fragile only packing and self-packing. In case you are too busy to do packing and unpacking yourself, our movers will provide excellent unpacking and installing services at your new dwelling.

Moving to Vanier

Whether it is a regional move to Vanier or interprovincial relocation from Vanier, local Vanier movers will adapt conditions based on your choice.

We are able to provide storage-in-transit, packing and additional moving services when moving to Vanier, some of which are packing, crating and disassembling. Let’s make your dream of moving to Vanier come true in the most effective way.

Our quality standards

We are considered the most secure movers in Vanier regarding to the precision of our quality standards.

Firstly, our crew include proficient movers, who have confirmed their expertise by passing our training courses, which consist of video coaching and a practical task. In contradistinction to most other Vanier movers, we put runners to preserve flooring of your dwelling or office place. Regarding the fact we own a moving merchandise online shop, our movers will deliver the requested amount of high-quality packing supplies. Moreover, shrink-wrap is free for the entire relocation.

Punctuality is exactly what distinguishes our company from other Vanier moving companies. That is why our managers provide clear customer support service, and movers are always on schedule!

Vanier Moving materials

Nowadays the packaging material is available for any items, however, Vanier moving companies will focus on premium and professional materials, which local moving companies Vanier use for our transportation services. Besides, you may order them from Movers Vanier)

  • Special Mattress bags,
  • Professional Carton boxes,
  • Premium Bubble-wrap,
  • Premium Shrink-wrap, Premium Moving blankets,
  • Professional Packing tape.

Bags for Bed mattresses

Mattress bags are made specifically to protect bed mattress and spring box at the time of transportation in a Heavy-duty truck. You are able to discover them in any sort of capacities.


On one side, Shrink-wrap is the most common packaging material, on the flip side alone it gives minimal protection because it is actually quite thin, just mix it with another packing material/s like (Bubble-wrap and Moving blankets).

Vanier Corrugated Moving boxes.

Following the plastic bags, the most common across the world packing material is cardboard boxes. Vanier Moving cardboard boxes are made in different form, shape and material, but above all of them, the most frequent are corrugated boxes. You’re able to

combine some other packing material with boxes, for more protection. As for today, Vanier Movers offer all sorts of moving supplies.

Our Vanier moving pros will assist you to choose the proper types for the boxes you need. At the same time, they will inform you on the number of box sorts in stock, and show you ways to pack them so your belongings will be secured so they will not likely move and break up inside. Bringing to your awareness, Moving companies in Vanier are supplying only new moving supplies, packages and kits.

Special Scotch for moving

Equivalent to the many others packing material, packaging tape provided in thousands of many types. It is a major gain of using a specific moving tape – when you pack you don’t need scissors to slice it – it is quite a convenient choice when you want to pack numerous boxes.

Padding Moving Blankets

Moving companies Vanier are applying Special Moving Blankets to protect your items and home furniture because they deliver the best shielding characteristics.

Are you ready to prepare your material? – Call (844) 462-6683 Right Now and our Vanier moving experts will help you with the packing supplies.

What the moving process with Hercules is like?

All moves are different because we treat our clientele individually. However, there’s a sequence of actions of how the perfect move with Hercules goes:

  1. Moving manager will contact you via a phone call after you leave a quote.
  2. We’ll provide you with a personal written estimate.
  3. Movers provide labelling, packing and other preparation services.
  4. Moving professionals will load all your effects and generate the inventory list.
  5. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with storage or warehousing facilities.
  6. Moving In
  7. Unpacking of your furniture and boxes

In case there’s damage to your effects, do not be worried. We’re fully bonded and insured.

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