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Moving homes is one of the most stressful experiences that you will go through in your lifetime. Household moving involves many risks and complications when it comes to relocating your belongings safely, and in a timely manner. Furthermore, the prevalence of horror stories about moving companies does little to alleviate the stress of your household move. As a result, it is essential that your search for household movers be an informed and thorough one, so that you may find a professional moving company that will handle your move carefully and efficiently. Doing proper research is the first step toward choosing the best household movers for you. Read on to find out what to look for in household movers, so that your moving experience may be a smooth and pleasant one.

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Why hire Professional household movers?

When it comes to hiring the right household movers and packers for the job, it is advisable to hire experienced and reputable professionals. Professional movers may charge more for its moving services, but paying the extra few dollars will go a long way in the end. Hiring professional movers should ensure that your belongings are handled carefully, and with the proper technique during the packing and moving process. This will considerably reduce any chance of damage to your belongings, your home, and of personal injury to the movers. Using professional household movers should also ensure timely arrival to the job site, and a timely delivery of your belongings. Last but not least a professional household movers should be licensed and insured, and employ movers who are clean, polite, and courteous.

Get Referrals and Recommendations

During your search for household movers, you will come across stories of hidden costs, inflated rates, delayed deliveries, and extensive damage to homeowners’ belongings. An excellent way to minimize the chances of hiring a less than reputable household movers is to get recommendations from friends, real estate agents, interior designers, even furniture stores and cabinet makers. Another great way to ensure that you hire a quality moving service is to do careful research online, you can do this by reading household movers reviews posted by previous clients, and checking the company’s ratings on Google, HomeStars, Facebook, the BBB and other listings. Once you have narrowed down your search to 3 companies that you like, make an appointment to meet one of their representatives face to face to get a quote, and discuss any details concerning your move.

Inventory of Belongings

Once you have chosen the company with whom you’ll be working, it is important to give that company’s representative an inventory of all the items that will be moved to the new home, the items that you plan to move yourself, and those which will stay be behind or be sold. Give the representative a tour of your home, and point out all the items which are to be moved, and which things fall under the fragile category, or simply have special instructions. Do not forget to explicitly state if you will need packing services or materials so that the household movers representative can give you a more accurate quote, and the movers can come to the job fully prepared. If you are planning on doing any of the packings yourself be mindful to label all boxes and bags properly, you can write the contents of the boxes as well as which rooms they will be placed in upon delivery to your new home. After you have provided the movers with a full inventory of items to be moved, clearly ask the movers to provide you with the cost and time frame of the move.

Have a Moving Plan

Having the right moving plan for your moving day will make the experience of moving a manageable and stress-free one. You can have a representative from your household moving company create a detailed plan for your move that follows the following steps:

  1. Narrow down the most valuable items to be organized and moved.
  2. If the client has a copy of the floor plan, the household movers representative can plan the move to the last detail including where everything will go, what best to load and unload first, and how to label everything.
  3. Arrange for a packing service with all the appropriate packing supplies, and plenty of time to pack in preparation for moving day.
  4. Arrange for disposal of unwanted items, or plan pick-up and delivery of articles for auction, donation, or to friends/relatives.
  5. Schedule and oversee the packing and moving of items on a moving day.
  6. Unpack and arrange the belongings at the new place, and provide other home care services such as cleaning, disposal of waste, shopping, etc.

Another way to reduce the stress of moving is to arrange for moving insurance. This is especially relevant if you have a lot of valuables or precious items which are to be handled by household movers. You can also choose to pack or move these valuable items yourself, rather than having the household movers staff do it for you. Packing or moving the valuables yourself will provide you with a peace of mind by giving you full control over how your most valuable belongings are moved; it can also help to save you time and money.

Supervising During Moving Day

Be sure to take some time out during the move to do a bit of light supervision, and make sure that the items are being placed where you’d like them to be. Please remember to be polite, and courteous while supervising the move, you are there to help the movers by guiding, not to dictate, or order them around. If you have done the proper research, the household movers whom you have hired should be trained professionals who are dutiful, and know how to perform their jobs, give them space and respect they deserve.

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 4 reviews
by Gentle Giant on Household Movers
Household movers moved US with our entire household content

We initially hire Hercules to move our piano, but after our bad experience with our previous mover we hire them for our 2nd move with our entire household content. They were efficient, helpful and most importantly stronger than over mover. They blanketed old furniture and disassembled and reassembled the furniture back in place. They were accommodating and had stair mats and cover on the floor so that we didn't have to do major clean up after the move. We really appreciated their patience in positioning our grand piano into the exact angle we needed in the room. I will recommend them. My elderly mother also hired them and they took care of her move as well. She really appreciated the hassle free experience.

by Discipleof Christ on Household Movers
Fantastic job in moving my mother's upright piano

The Hercules moving crew did an amazing, fantastic job in moving my mother's upright piano. The two brothers crew are incredibly strong, expedient, courteous, and professional. The company gave the best quote, the fastest appointment booking, and was the most polite when compared to all the other piano moving companies I called in Toronto and the GTA. I absolutely recommend this company for anyone who needs to have their piano and/or heavy objects moved.

by MultiPremonition on Household Movers
Experienced household movers

I cannot even begin to describe how dedicated and experienced these movers are... They were life-savers on my moving day and truly believe in the highest level of performance.

by Joanne Peddle on Household Movers
Moving my 4 bedroom home

The team at Hercules are amazing! I used them to move my 4 bedroom home and everything went very well. These guys are incredible, they never stopped and where so careful with everything. Thanks so much for making my move fantastic!!!!

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