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TipsFebruary 9, 2022

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving?

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After familiarizing ourselves with the nuances of packing clothes for moving, we are ready to dive into an equally important topic – how to pack clothes on hangers for moving. There are several aspects that will be covered to identify the easiest way to pack and move hanging clothes.

The Hercules team of experts has prepared for you pro moving tips and packing hacks to pack hanging clothes for a move efficiently.

Clothes to pack hanging.

Not to wonder how to pack a lot of hanging clothes when moving, first and foremost we must determine what types of clothes should be transported on hangers. Properly hung clothes can preserve from wrinkles and fabric damage.

Jackets. All the winter outerwear, business suits, and blazers of any material must be packed for moving on hangers, better if padded, to prevent fabric deformation.

Trousers and skirts. Use hangers that will prevent any unwanted folds such as skirt hangers, slide peg hangers and, trousers hangers. Remember that clothes that are made from harsh material can cause snags. Ensure it is packed separately for the easier moving clothes on hangers experience.

Dresses. Dresses should be packed in a wardrobe box with all the zipper claps closed and secured. Memorable dresses should not be packed in simple cardboard boxes, it can cause fabric damage and unnecessary dry cleaning.

Blouses and shirts. Most of the blouses and shirts are made from a floaty fabric (silk, linen, nylon) which creases easily when folded while packing. Make sure you button them up prior to packing keeping the clothes well-shaped.

The best way to move clothes on hangers.

We have established the 3 most common methods to pack clothes on hangers. We will go through the clothes packing methods, a step-by-step guide, and all the pros and cons to choose the best way to pack hanging clothes when moving.

Wardrobe moving box.

Is the ideal solution for transporting clothes safely and securely right on the hangers inside the box. It includes a metal hanging bar and can fit additional bedding items at the bottom of the box.

Steps to packing hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes:

  1. Measure the length of your clothes to match the size of the box
  2. Assemble the wardrobe box following the instructions starting from the bottom
  3. Secure the metal rod by placing it at the top of the box and pressing it until you hear the click. Now it is secured
  4. Transfer your hanging clothes from the closet onto the rod. To prevent any wrinkles, it is recommendable to leave enough space between the items
  5. Seal the box using the tape and label it with the correspondents of the content and to which room will go at the destination

Moving Tips:

  • Placing empty hangers will result in a loss of space. Pack hangers separately.
  • You can purchase the wardrobe moving box here.

Advantages of using wardrobe boxes

  • The simplicity of assembly
  • Security of items. This is the safest way to pack hanging clothes for moving
  • Time and stress saver. The use of wardrobe boxes will guarantee easy packing and unpacking process
  • Variety of sizes
  • Can be used as a temporary closet upon arrival

Disadvantages of using wardrobe boxes.

  • The cost. Wardrobe packing boxes come in a higher price range when compared with other moving boxes. Especially if you own a lot of clothes on hangers, it might get costly. An average price for one wardrobe box can come up to $20.

Hanging storage bags/Garment bag covers

Garment bags are best to use for seasonal clothes and expensive dresses/suits. Folding or rolling your clothing in this case can damage the fabric for good.

Steps to packing hanging clothes in hanging storage bags:

  1. Identify the type of bag to use. Get a storage bag that is made out of a durable material like cloth or cotton.
  2. Measure the size of the garment to find a perfect size box
  3. Open the garment cover bag and place 5-10 items inside depending on the clothes
  4. Pull the hanger through the opening and secure the items by zipping the bag
  5. For easy carry, fold the bag in half and secure the loop to the hanger

Advantages of using garment bag covers.

  • Moisture resistance
  • Durability
  • Reinforced holes for hangers for bulky and heavy clothing
  • Reuse. The garment bags are not only perfect for moving but storing your clothes and travel purposes
  • Protection from moth damage

Disadvantages of using garment bag covers.

  • The use of garment bags can cause yellowing and discolouration of clothing if stored for long periods of time.
  • Some garment bags can cost from $30-$70 per piece depending on the fabric you choose.

Drawstring Trash Bags

Transporting clothes using garbage bags in the least safe way and should be only used during short relocations, at your own risk.

Steps to packing hanging clothes in trash bags:

  1. Measure and match the size of the trash bags to the clothes
  2. Hang the clothes and secure the sleeves for an easier packing process
  3. Starting from the bottom pack in the clothes inside the trash bag
  4. When the trash bag reaches the hangers, close it around the top and tighten

Note: Use drawstring trash bags for easier use.

Advantages of using trash bag covers.

  • Accessibility. Trash bags can be found in any supermarket
  • Affordability. A pack of 90 trash bags can cost up to $30 and can be used afterward
  • Variety. Trash bags come in huge variations and sizes

Disadvantages of using trash boxes

  • Potential damage. The biggest disadvantage that the trash bags method has is that there is a big possibility of items being damaged while moving. Heat, humidity, and water damages make you think twice prior to choosing it
  • Durability. Easily ripped
  • Poor protection. Do not prevent wrinkles

When it comes to moving packing is the most time-consuming process, sometimes taking several days. The Hercules moving company will pack and move your belongings in one day from scratch. We are not just movers and packers, but a team of professionals who know everything about packing and have done more than thousands of urgent moves.

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